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Access chambers and covers

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Access chambers overview

Access chambers are 100% British sourced and manufactured. Chambers are made completely from recycled material. Composite covers are available to fit the chambers and can be installed without the need for a separate frame which can be locked using machine screws. Minimal disruption to footways due to time saved over traditional methods. Tricel chambers are used for contractors and maintenance workers to gain access to below ground cables or as a turning point for pulling cables when installation takes place. The chambers are designed to enable the contractor to meet the NJUG depth of cover recommendations for the ducting as they are 150mm deep. This also means that minimal excavation is required to meet these recommendations. Chamber sections are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 300 x 300mm nominal up to 600 x 600mm nominal chamber sizes.

Underground chamber

Tricel underground chamber

Underground chamber

underground access chambers

Access covers overview

Access covers are designed with skid resistance tread to prevent slipping. The tread structure is engineered NOT to retain surface water for additional safety. GRP non-slip access covers for ducted chamber systems, suitable for installation on footways, in pedestrian area’s and low traffic areas.

Pendulum testing is used to assess the skid/slip resistance of access covers. This method is based on a swinging imitation heel, which sweeps over the area of the access cover in a controlled manner. The skid resistance of the tested area has a measurable effect on the pendulum value. Independent pendulum tests carried out by Devon County council on Tricel access covers, yielded a low slip potential.

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