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Electric meter box cover

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Electric meter box cover

Because the majority of electrical meter boxes get positioned outside the house, they at times require mending or even replacement. Luckily, meter boxes are purposefully designed so as that when an element is damaged, it can easily get replaced. The most common issues are with the door covers. When instances such as this arise, you need to source a meter box door replacement.

Tricel’s electric meter box is designed to be weather and shock resistant. Nevertheless, they are not unaffected by vandalism or by extreme weather conditions. In this case, if your meter box is damaged, you will be looking for a cheap and effective solution.
Tricel has the perfect product for you.

Specially designed for damaged or broken electric meter box units (not for gas meter boxes & surface meter box). They are suitable for GRP meter boxes only (not for metal ones).

All of our products come with hinges lock and key.

If you want to have more information about our meter frames, please read below:

GRP Architrave Over Box Door and Frame-electric meter box cover

electric meter box coverThe K frame is designed explicitly for damaged or broken meter boxes.

Cheap and easy to install this frame has been created to be durable and fire retardant. Made with high-quality SMC which make the product very light in weight and very strong at the same time on in addition to these qualities the material is electrically non-conductive also fire retardant. This product comes supplied with a high-grade fire-retardant glue or seal which helps in easy and best installation.

Dimensions : 701 mm (h) x 504 mm (w).

SKU Number: EBP0025

If you want to purchase this product you can visit our online store. If you require further information, please read our brochure. If you want more details on how to install this product you can watch the tutorial video.

Flush Fitted Electric Meter Box Cover

This product is suitable for the electric meter box standard recessed (SKU EBP0011) and also for Mitra’s electrical recessed meter box (SKU M01023 & M01126). This product comes supplied with mounting screws, door and key.

Dimensions : 680 mm (h) x 485 mm (w) x 35 mm (d).

SKU: EDP0001.


If you want to buy this product you can visit our online store. For more information, please read our dedicated brochure.

Large Electric Meter Box Outer Door and Frame

A Large Electric Meter Box Cover which sits over an existing recessed electric meter box. This product comes supplied with mounting screws, door and key.

Dimensions : 795 mm (h) x 565 mm (w) x 30 mm (d).

SKU: EDP0007


If you want further information about this frame, you can consult our brochure section. If you’re going to purchase this product you can visit our online store meterboxesdirect.

How to install a meter box cover?

  1. Put the over-box to cover the existing meter box. The removal of the existing architrave of the meter box may be necessary.
  2. Mark the four holes in the brickwork/plaster.
  3. Drill the brickwork/plaster and, use appropriate Rawl plugs.
  4. Screw the over box onto the wall using the screws provided.
  5. Apply supplied sealant around the edge of the frame if it’s necessary.

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