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Fibreglass Roofing Tools

Accessories to complement any fibreglass flat roofing project

Roofing Tools

Tricel provide a wide range of Tools and Ancillaries to complement any fibreglass roofing project.

Each range of tools are available to buy individually or also to buy as part of a larger roofing tool kit which is recommended for roofing projects of 80 square metres and over.

Fibreglass roofing tools

Fibreglass Roofing Tools

Paddle Rollers

Tricel provide a range of aluminium paddle rollers with a durable, plastic handle which can be reused once cleaned with acetone. They are very effective in the removal of air and complete wet-out of glassfibre chopped strand mat on large surface areas.

6ft Steel Extension Screw / Push Roller Pole

Red PVC coated steel pole with a twist lock mechanism. Screw thread, supplied with a push fit adaptor for use with all roller frame types.

Roller Refills

Tricel stock a range of nylon, mohair and long pile roller refills suitable for use with all roller handles.

Laminating Brushes

For the laminating process of the fibreglass roofing process, Tricel offer a range of plastic handled brushes which range from 25mm to 100mm. All are available individually or in boxes of 12.

Large Roofing Tool Kit

For fibreglass roofing jobs of 80 square metres and over, Tricel has developed a large roofing tool kit which contains Gloves, Brushes, Paddle Rollers, Acetone, Buckets, Roller Pole and much more.

How to Buy Tricel Roofing Tools

All of the Fibreglass Roofing Tools are available to purchase through FibreGlassDirect. FibreGlassDirect are a leading supplier of fibreglass flat roofing products in the UK.

Buy Fibreglass Roofing Tools Online

Visit our online shop, FibreGlassDirect, to have your Fibreglass Roofing Tools delivered straight to your door.