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Fix and Make Good Kit

Complete Kit to Secure Safety Cross Boards and Kerb Ramps

Fix and Make Good Kit

The Tricel “Fix and Make Good” kit includes all the necessary equipment and materials to secure our range of Safety cross boards and Kerb ramps.

To comply with the Safe Working Directive, all temporary ramps shall be fixed in place to prevent moving. In addition to this, when temporary ramps, walkway boards are removed, all holes created in the tarmac or concrete, must be reinstated to good condition.

This is extremely important to prevent accidents occurring where temporary ramps and boards were removed. Holes are easily repaired and sealed with special filler and are cured in just 10 minutes. The special filler seals the holes from water and frost ingress.

Tricel Fixing Accessories

Tricel also supply the fixing pin and bolts to secure ramps, walkway boards and road plates to secure them in place to ensure a stable and safe application. Reusable adhesive designed for securing Tricel walkway boards and ramps to hard surfaces where the used of fixing pins is unacceptable.

Fix and Make Good Kit Contents

  • Carry bag
  • Hole blower
  • Mastic gun
  • Wras adhesive
  • Mixing nozzles x 4
  • Tek head driver (Kerb ramps & Trench covers)
  • Tek head driver (Roadplate)
  • 10mm x 200mm Masonry bits
  • 7mm x 160mm Masonry bits x 2
  • Tricel adhesive (2 metres)
  • Box of 6mm x 75mm Hammer in bolts (50 p/box)
  • Box of 6mm x 75mm Concrete bolts (50 p/box) Box of 10mm plugs
  • Gloves
  • Face masks x 3
  • Scraper
  • Face goggles
  • Worx cordless hammer drill complete with two batteries

Refill packs are also available to replenish stocks. These can be ordered by contacting Tricel today.

Contact Tricel today to order your Fix and Make Good Kit