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Homeowner sewage treatment plants

Homeowner sewage treatment plants solutions


Tricel is a leading manufacturer and supplier of wastewater treatment plants for the homeowner sewage treatment market. The Tricel range provides solutions for primary, secondary and tertiary treatment, these include: septic tanks, pumping stations, puraflo modules, sand filters and sewage treatment plants. All sewage treatment solutions manufactured by Tricel are tested and certified for structural strength, water tightness, durability and treatment efficiency, adhering to European Certifications EN12566- 3, EN12566-1.

homeowner sewage treatment plants

Homeowner Sewage Treatment Plants

Tricels simple most cost effective solution for homeowner sewage treatment. Reliable, easy to install and simple to maintain.

homeowner sewage treatment plants

Tricel Puraflo

Homeowner Secondary & Tertiary treatment, installed above or below ground.

homeowner sewage treatment plants

Septic Tanks

Low profile, small excavation required, septic tank range are certified to EN12566-1.

homeowner sewage treatment plants

Pumping Stations

Standard size ranges from 1,000 litres to 1600 litres, custom-designed pump stations available.

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Tricel is a global manufacturer & a local provider of high-quality wastewater treatment solutions.