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Insulated Line Pins

Tricel’s insulated line pins, thanks to their insulated material, are specifically designed for the protection of operatives as they eliminate the risk of electrical hazards such as accidentally striking underground or unseen power cables. 

Therefore, they are ideal for engineering contractors, general contractors, civil contractors and even councils.

These products are perfect for use on hardened and compacted ground. They can be easily installed with a sledgehammer. They can be combined with our non-conductive pins as well.

If you require further information regarding these products, please follow the link below to download our product brochure, or contact a member of our technical team today!

Tricel’s fencing & road line pins can be used in many applications:


Our line pins can be used in a wide range of purposes. They can not only mark out construction sites and roadworks but they can also help enclose an area for special events such as concerts and they can also indicate access points.

Nevertheless, their main purpose is to protect operatives from unseen life-threatening underground hazards


Insulated Line Pins – Features:


Insulated line pins have many beneficial features. First of all, they will last longer as they are rust and weather resistant. Furthermore, they should not budge at all as they are supplied with a stronger steel spike. You will find below a non-exhaustive listing of these more prominent benefits: 

  • Meet the highest industry standards: BS 8020 for insulated tools
  • Constructed using robust and extremely durable material
  • 16mm diameter fibreglass shaft
  • Supplied with a reinforced steel cap
  • Insulated, lightweight and highly visible
  • Strong, resilient and long lasting
  • Constructed to minimise hand-arm vibrations (HAV’s)
  • Highly versatile and rust resistant
  • Pins built from this material have no scrap value


Our insulated pins are available in different sizes if needed, but for some of them a minimum quantity will be applied:

  • 1-meter standard length
  • Available in 600mm length 

At Tricel, we provide an extensive range of industry fully certified road safety equipment. For more information or a free quote, please contact us directly, a member of our team will be able to provide any information you may require.

Product Brochure

Download the Insulated Line Pin Brochure for further technical information

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