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One Piece GRP Water Storage Tanks
GRP Water Storage

One Piece GRP Water Tanks 


Tricel offer a comprehensive range of one piece water storage tanks which we manufacture in house. A speedy solution for water storage.

Where space permits, one piece tanks provide a more cost effective solution for large storage volumes over sectional tanks.

Size options range from: 45 to 4,546 litres

Tricel one piece tanks offer the following benefits and options:

Available from a standard range of one piece tanks or made to order one piece insulated tank

  • All one piece tanks comply with all relevant British Standards and Water Regulations
  • Tanks are supplied in an ivory colour as standard
  • Virtually ZERO maintenance
  • Full range of connections/ancillary items available
  • All supplied within the scope of our BS EN ISO 9002 1994 Quality Assurance Registration

For potable drinking water please adhere to the following:

Many local authorities, consultants, engineers and contractors specify and use our fibreglass insulated F30 tanks, secure in the knowledge that both they and their clients are in safe hands, and helping them meet their health and safety obligations. In order to comply with health and safety directives, which states that water, that may be consumed by humans, must be held in Insulated tanks, and that all tanks must meet the following criteria.

• Factory insulated with CFC Free Foam on all sides

• Fibreglass in construction

• Lids must be sealed and insulated

• Suitable for Potable (drinking) water

• Tanks must have screened inlet and overflows

• Tanks to be insulated to reduce the risk of freezing in winter and assist in keeping the water temperature low in summer time

• Have suitable fibreglass condensation trays, plumbed to an overflow


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