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Pumps & Pumping Stations

UK Manufacturer and Distributor of Pump solutions

Pumps & Pumping Solutions UK


Tricel offer a comprehensive range of  total pumping solutions, either through a prepackaged pump set or by designing and manufacturing to specific demands of your project. Our skilled team of specialist engineers can design, assemble and install pump sets to meet your requirements, either prepackaged or individually specified.

We deal with the world’s leaading manufacturers of pump systems, including Grundfos, Lowara, KSB, Dab Pumps, Jung Pumpen, Calpeda to mention a few.

We provide solutions for a range of applications, including

  • Clean Water Supply
  • Wastewater, drainage & Sewage
  • Heating & Cooling (HVC)
  • Building and Construction
  • Fire Fighting
  • High Rise Building
  • Chemical & Mining
  • Irrigation & Water Features

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