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Case study: Sand polishing filter and Wastewater treatment plant

Tricel Novo and Tricel Sandcel

Case Study: Sand Polishing Filter Ireland with Tricel Novo

Project: Decommissioning of non-performing effluent treatment system and installation of Tricel Novo Wastewater treatment plant and Sandcel Sand polishing filter.

Date: September 2014

Installation period: 3 days

Overview: This case study looks at a site where the client was looking to expand their food distribution premises but had problems with their existing wastewater solution.

Architect involved: Boyce Architectural and Engineering

During the planning process for this client, issues were identified with the existing onsite wastewater treatment solution. Upon further inspection by Limerick County Council, it was discovered that the effluent treatment system was not performing and there was ponding evident on the existing soil polishing filter. This needed to be upgraded and a polishing filter designed which would be suitable for the site conditions. Boyce Architectural & Engineering were appointed to the project to specify and design a suitable system to treat and discharge the treated effluent.

Vegetation stripped back
Covering of Sandcel with Geotextile
300mm of 20mm washed gravel for base
Backfilling of Sandcel sand polishing filter
Decommissioning of old wastewater treatment plant
Backfilling of Tricel Novo Wastewater treatment plant
Installation of Tricel Novo IRL10 wastewater treatment plant
Completion of Sandcel sand polishing filter

I was instructed to carry on a full site inspection and assessment. Because of the gley subsoil’s and the poor assibilation rate of liquid effluent through theses soils I had to propose a design to the environment section of Limerick City & County Council that would have the effluent effectively treated before it reached the gley subsoil’s. This design was approved by the council before were commenced work on site. The system was installed in two days and was inspected and approved by Limerick County Council after the works were completed.

I have every confidence that we have installed an excellent system and I will continue to endorse your products as one of great design, after service and value for money.

Pat Boyce

Boyce Architectural and Engineering