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Sewage Treatment System Installation for Renovation of a House

Case study overview

10th June 2019

Keswick, Lake District

Project Type

Residential – House Renovation

Tricel solution
Tricel Novo UK18 Gravity

Tricel Novo

The challenge

Our partner for the renovation

We worked with SK Drainage in Keswick, Cumbria to carry out the installation of a sewage treatment plant.

The aim was to upgrade the whole installation as the customer was renovating his newly-bought house.

Difficult Site Access

Access to the site was very poor due to its location which was in the hills looking out across the Lake District National Park.

We supplied the system to the nearest access road below the property. SK Drainage’s team, already on site, then carefully off-loaded and transported it up to the site using additional straps either side in order to restrict movement.

Fortunately, Tricel’s Novo sewage treatment plant is light weight (made from SMC) and therefore it was very maneuverable and logistically easy to transport to this challenging location.

Sewage treatment plant in Cumbria

Tricel solution

How we helped

​The end user wanted to finish the renovation of his house as soon as possible and knew they could depend on us delivering within the restricted timeline.

Moreover, they had also researched our product to check that it was fit for the purpose and would meet their requirements. Indeed Tricel Novo is certified EN12566-3, it’s compact, lightweight and easy to install. Once in use, it’s quiet and very low maintenance.

Finally, a key factor was also the fact that they could remotely house the blower unit and control. A more decorative cabinet which more suited more its surroundings was used to house the blower (instead of the traditional green lid).

The final result

Homeowner and Installtion Partner satisfied

Both SK Drainage and the homeowner were very happy with the product & the installation. The installation went well and the project ran on time.

SK Drainage had previously installed many of our units and were glad to have another one successfully in place. As a result we are looking forward to carrying on working with them in the future.

Blower unit Sewage Treatment Plant in Keswick
Sewage treatment plant installed in Cumbria
Sewage treatment plant in Cumbria

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