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Water Storage

Fire Protection Misting Tanks


Tricel offers a wide selection of water storage solutions including, fire suppression and misting tanks. Misting systems are a fixed fire protection system which uses water droplets to control, suppress and extinguish fires.

This type of fire protection would generally be installed with smoke alarms or fire detection and alarm systems in place.

Fire protection misting tanks are extremely effective and significantly reduce asset damage and operational downtime in all business-critical applications.

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The benefits of using water mist fire suppression in comparison to more traditional sprinkler systems, are as follows:

  • Immediate activation
  • Quicker fire fighting due to its cooling properties (water into steam)
  • Minimized water damage due to the low consumption of water required for the system
  • Less downtime to businesses resulting in lower costs
  • Systems can be designed for space restricted areas
  • An environmentally friendly solution to fire suppression
  • The mist can extinguish a fire in shielded and obstructed locations.
  • The larger the surface area, the more effective the system becomes in quickly reducing temperature and oxygen at the flame front.


Water supply for misting tanks

  • Data centres
  • Hotels & residential buildings
  • Commercial Offices & Banks
  • Hospitals, Community& Care Centres
  • Schools & Universities
  • Museums and archiving centres

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Manufacturing water tanks since 1973, made from Glass Reinforced Plastics (GRP). This top quality material offers outstanding capabilities including long life, durability and is cost effective solution for water storage even in the harshest environment for both potable and non-potable applications.

Tricel manufacture, supply, deliver & install water tanks, import/export service is also on hand for our international clients.

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