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Fibreglass Roof

Fibreglass Supplies and Materials for Flat Roofing

Weatherproof any flat roof with Fibreglass

Fibreglass roofing for flat roof applications is becoming more and more popular as a reliable and efficient way to build a flat roof.

Once all materials have been applied correctly, a flat roof will last in excess of 20 years with little or no maintenance required.

Fibreglass by nature can be shaped for almost any sized roof and once cured will withstand even the toughest weather conditions thanks to its impermeable topcoat finish.

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Fibreglass Roof Materials

Fibreglass Roofing Kit

Fibreglass Roofing Kit


The Tricel Fibreglass Roof Kit range has been developed with Professionals and DIY enthusiasts in mind. With kits ranging from 1 square metre to 100 square metres there is a kit for every fibreglass roof.

Visit our Fibreglass Roofing Kit page for more information or visit FibreGlassDirect to buy online today.

Roofing Trims

Fibreglass Roof Trim

Tricel supply a comprehensive range of GRP Roofing Trims, Roof Edges Trims and Profiles in 1.5 metre and 3 metre lengths as well as corner pieces.

You can view the product information page or visit FibreGlassDirect to purchase our range of Fibreglass Roofing Trims online.

Roofing Resin

Flexible Roofing Resin

Tricel offer various resins suitable for Fibreglass Roof applications. Two of the most popular are Flexible Roofing Resin and Llloyds Approved Polyester Resin. Fire retardant resin is also available through our larger distribution network.

Find out more on our Roofing Resin product information page or buy online from FibreGlassDirect to have your Fibreglass Roofing Resin delivered straight to your door.

Roofing Topcoat

Fibreglass Roofing TopcoatTricel supply different variations of Fibreglass Roofing Topcoat for flat roof builds and repairs. On offer is a premium, fire-retardant Topcoat which is available in a dark grey finish or a low-cost non-fire retardant Topcoat which is available in Light or Dark Grey.

For more information, view the Roofing Topcoat  product information page or visit the FibreGlassDirect online shop to purchase the range of Roofing Topcoats online.


Roofing Tools

Fibreglass Roof Tool Kit

Tricel provide a range of Fibreglass Roof Tools and Materials. The large range of roofing tools and accessories includes Buckets, Paddle Rollers, Catalyst Dispensers and much more.

Visit for the Roofing Tool product page for more information visit FibreGlassDirect to buy online.

More information

At Tricel we supply a comprehensive range of additional fibreglass products such as Resins, Topcoats, Gelcoats, Tapes, Chopped Strand Matting and Tools.

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