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Become a distributor for Tricel

Great companies of all sizes are always on the lookout for excellent products that can satisfy the needs of their customers. Join our growing network of Tricel stockists today.

Why Tricel

Here at Tricel, we understand that fulfilling your customers’ requirements with innovative and highly dependable solutions is central to success. For this reason, we are always interested in developing new business relationships with companies to help deliver our superior range of products to today’s markets.

At Tricel, stockists and distributors are at the very core of our operations. Everything that we do is geared at enabling these great companies to deliver the very best product based solutions available to their customers.

We continuously work with our distributors to help generate business opportunities and develop strategic growth for their operations. This is achieved by ensuring uninterrupted and consistent product supply and support.

Tricel operates in partnership with a close network of independent stockists, distributors and builders’ merchants located worldwide. Through this network, we successfully provide a full range of innovative offerings to multiple markets. We provide continuous cutting-edge solutions, extensive manufacturing capabilities and dependable delivery.

With 12 distribution locations throughout Europe, we currently supply to a range of industry leading clients in over 50 countries globally.

Currently, we seek stockists to market and distribute our range of products throughout the UK and Ireland. If you operate a business to which our products would be a beneficial addition or wish to start a new business as a distributor, we would be delighted to hear from you.

This is a new and exciting business opportunity, speak to a member of our distribution team today.

Phone: +44 064 663 2421 Email: [email protected]

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