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Road Safety Products

Tricel Construction is a leader in composites technology and is a recognised manufacturer of civil and road safety products.

Our road safety products are manufactured from SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound). SMC is a high strength fibre reinforced sheet moulding composite which consists primarily of a thermosetting resin, glass fibres, and filler material, which when combined creates an ultra-strong moulding facilitator.

As we develop and manufacture our own base product we can supply a range of the fibreglass raw materials in quantities to suit any interested customers’ needs. Products manufactured from this material are high impact resistant, compressive, and have flexural strength.

Our range of products are highly versatile and have been developed and perfected over many years in the industry. Within this period Tricel has become an expert in all aspects of the production and development of both materials and products within this area. This is a range of skills we bring to each and every element of the manufacturing process.

These products are fully certified and used by government agencies and utility companies.

Trench Covers

Trench covers are a highly adaptable and safe cover, designed for covering apertures, bores or trenches during maintenance, construction and repair projects. The trench covers allow safe access and passage over and around site excavations for pedestrian and light vehicular access.


Surefoot trench covers

Road Plates

The road plate has been designed to provide a safe means of maintaining traffic flow, during excavation work on roads, where reinstatement of the excavation would be inappropriate at that time.

The product is designed to allow the passage of most vehicles to the normal weight restrictions.


Modular Road Plate

Kerb Ramps

Kerb ramps are a unique lightweight and highly portable ramp.

The only SMC ramp that has a Safe Working Load (SWL) capacity of 500kg at 1,250mm width on the market.

Designed for private and commercial use, it is unrivalled in safety and user ability. The design has been well proven, and its high non-slip surface remains highly effective even in adverse weather conditions.


Kerb Master by Tricel

Fence & Line Pins

Fence and line pins are used widely for many purposes; marking out construction sites, road lining, crowd control in concerts and sporting events, restricting access and in the farming industry.


Non-conductive pins by Tricel

Temporary Rumble Strips

The most advanced temporary traffic calming system currently available. Improve the safety of both your workforce and members of the public by providing a visual and audible speed warning stimulus.


RoadQuake rumble strip by Tricel

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