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Tricel have been manufacturing gas meter enclosures and electric meter enclosures of various types for over 40 years, and have supplied industry leaders within this sector in both the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Many years of industry experience have assured the production of an extremely dependable and versatile product.

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Meter Boxes

Pole Mounted Boxes


The pole mounted interface box is manufactured using Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) making them low weight and high in strength. This ensures a product that is durable, hard-wearing, and easily manoeuvrable during the installation phase. We can also manufacture products using our own Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) which we develop and process in-house at our manufacturing facilities in both Ireland and in the UK. This is a high strength fibre reinforced sheet moulding composite which is ideal for the custom moulding process.

The GRP material used during manufacturing means this product has high electronic and thermal insulation properties, making it perfectly constructed for the housing of electronic equipment. All products are created using GRP moulding and are developed to be corrosion resistant and highly weatherproof. Each unit has strong electronic and thermal insulation properties. Such attributes make this line of product ideal for the storage of various street lighting equipment. Each unit is supplied with a fire retardant timber backboard and can also be purchased with a clear door in order for the viewing of sensitive equipment while maintaining a secure and protected housing environment.



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Weatherproof Rating IP 43

These constructs hold an ingress protection rating of IP43 meaning that these enclosures are protected to a level against solids in size of over 1mm. This certification also means that the enclosures are protected against direct sprays up to 60o from the vertical. Such a rating highlights the versatility and weatherproof nature of this product. We manufacture a variety of enclosures and have a comprehensive selection from which to choose. 

The range of products offered by Tricel is suitable for industrial and commercial enclosures. The units are available with a choice of traditional and see through doors. This gives the option of creating an environment where more sensitive equipment is protected while still allowing for maintenance to view sensitive readings and data while not disrupting the equipment’s sealed vicinity. All our products are available through Meter Boxes Direct, which is our online store. 

Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team with any and all queries, they are happily standing by to help offer a solution to your business needs. Tricel also develops custom moulds in order to deliver innovative solutions for our clients. 

For a more in-depth view of product related technical data is available in the downloads section of the website.

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