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Our team at Tricel Construction UK is made of the UK’s Industry Leaders in their respective fields of Meter Boxes and Road Safety products. 

We are committed to delivering exceptional service to all of our customers, and our team’s expertise allows us to provide tailored solutions to meet even the most complex needs. With a deep understanding of the latest industry standards and regulations, our team can ensure that our products meet or exceed all necessary requirements for safety and functionality.

Tricle is the UK leading manufacturer of Meter Boxes and Road Safety products. Made of SMC our products are robust, well-built and comply with industry standards. 

sales administrator

Having worked in manufacturing for the past 10 years, George joined Tricel in 2021, initially working on the manufacturing presses, before moving to his current role in Sales Administration.

George is providing office-based sales support for trade and MeterBoxesDirect customers by processing orders, answering webchats and handling customer queries.


SMC is a strong, durable and lightweight material.


We are a highly successful multinational corporation with over 60 years' valuable industry experience.

Cost Effective

Economical solutions for numerous products.