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Gas meter boxes

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Gas meter boxes

Tricel manufacture a variety of wall mounted and recessed gas meter boxes. All of our product range conforms to British Standard BS 8499: 2009 and are constructed from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP). We also offer a range of products manufactured using our very own Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) and GRP moulding process.

Tricel has been active in the construction of meter boxes for over 40 years and supply many of the industry leaders, such as British Gas and the National Grid. All our products are developed with both precision and industry needs at the forefront of our minds. The many years garnered within the industry are evident in the quality of all products which we produce. We also specialise in the development of custom moulds to help customers solve unique issues.

Meter box - Gas - Mark 2 UK Standard - Surface


Product: The Mark 2-meter boxes are surface mounted and designed for the housing of a range of domestic meters, standard and pre-pay.

Specifications: These are a 3-part box (door, box, back) and come complete with MK2 back plates, hinges, lock and key. The door on these units opens on from the right to the left. Can be easily cleaned and painted, and the units are fire retardant and certified BS 476 Part 7, 1997, Class 2.

Dimensions: 510 x 408 x 242.

You can view the product brochure or visit our online Meter Boxes Direct store for more information.

Product code: GB0002

Meter box - Gas - UK Standard - Recessed


Product: Mark 2 UK Standard Gas Meter Box, this product is recessed fit.


  • Compliant to British Standard BS 8499: 2009 &Fire retardant BS476, Part 7, 1997, Class 2.
  • Constructed from Glass Reinforced Plastic.
  • Suitable for all meters including prepay and smart.
  • This meter box will not rust. It is easy to clean and paint.
  • Complete with spigot, hinges, lock and key (Hinges is on the right).

Dimension: 595 x 409 x 214.

You can view the product brochure or visit our online Meter Boxes Direct store for more information.

Product code: GB0001

Meter box - Gas - Universal Smart Meter

Universal smart gas meter box

Description of the product

  • Designed for the standard meter installation kits.
  • Complies with British Standard B.S. 8499 : 2009.
  • Constructed from a high strength and extremely durable material.
  • Can be surface mounted, floor standing or partially buried.
  • Designed to accommodate a range of domestic gas meter types.


  • Manufactured using Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)
  • Fire retardant to BS476, Part 7, Class 2.
  • Fitted meter bracket.
  • Fitted Safety Door stay
  • Will not corrode, weather resistant
  • Complete with lock and key
  • Door opening front to back

Dimensions: 500 mm high x 474 mm wide x 303 mm deep

To have more information you can view our product page or read our brochure

Product code: GB0006

Meter box - Gas - UK standard - Semi submerged


Product: This unit is designed to house G4/U6 meters or regular assemblies. The housing is constructed from Glass reinforced plastics which has a dough grade of 43-18-80. Like all our products within this line it is BS476, Part 7, Class 2 is standard fire retardant. It is suitable for all new IGT installations.

The glass reinforced plastic housing assures that there will be no corrosion and weather resistant. Each item comes with lock, key and hinges. All our units should only be installed qualified installers.

Dimensions: 460mm x 450mm x 400mm

For more technical information regarding our product range you can visit our downloads page, or if you have any queries please contact our sales team.

Product code: 30.09.003

Gas Meter Box Door (538 x 456mm)

Compliant to BS B499:2009

Product: British Standard compliant Mark 1 gas meter box door supplied with hinges, lock and key.


  • Conforms to BS B499: 2009.
  • Constructed of glass-reinforced plastic, does not corrode and resists water.
  • Can be painted and spiced. Left hand hung.
  • The left side of the box with pre-drilled holes in the door forks are inserted.

Dimensions of the product: Height: 538mm x 456mm

You can view the product brochure or visit our online Meter Boxes Direct store for more information or to purchase the product.

Product code: GD0002

Meter Box - Gas - 1m GRP Riser Pipe Cover

1m GRP Riser Pipe CoverProduct: The 1m GRP gas riser covers and protects the metallic gas pipe going into the gas meter box.

Dimensions of the pipe cover:

Length: 1m Diameter: 38mm

If you want more information about our product, please visit our online store.

Product code: 3007006

Meter Box - Gas - 63mm Riser Pipe Cover - Surface

62-mm-gas-riser-coverProduct: The Gas hose GRP 63mm, ideal for enclosing external gas lines.

Specifications: This product is resistant to rust and corrosion.

If you want more information about the product, Don’t hesitate to visit our website to purchase or to have more information about this product. Download the brochure of this product

Product code: 221330

Meter Box - Gas - 32mm Riser Pipe Cover - Surface


Product: This product is perfect for enclosing external gas pipes. The pipe cover is also corrosion and rust resistant.

To have more information or purchase the product, visit our website. To download the brochure about the pipe cover.

Product code: 221331


Meter box repair products

Products: At Tricel we offer complete repair solutions. We manufacture a range of replacement gas doors which suit most gas boxes on the market. We also stock a variety of keys, locks, latches and hinges to suit all repair needs.

For more information on our replacement doors and frames please visit our replacement doors page

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