Gas meter boxes

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Tricel has been active in the construction of gas meter boxes for over 40 years and supplies many of the industry leaders, such as British Gas and National Grid.

All our products are developed with both precision and industry needs at the forefront of our minds. The many years garnered within the industry are evident in the quality of all products which we produce.

We also specialise in the development of custom moulds to help customers solve unique issues.


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gAS Meter BOX Range

Mark 2 gas meter boxes are surface mounted and designed for the housing of a range of domestic meters, standard and pre-pay.

Suitable for standard domestic meters


These are a 3-part box (door, box, back) and come complete with MK2 back plates, hinges, lock and key. The door on these units opens on from the right to the left. Can be easily cleaned and painted, and the units are fire retardant and certified BS 476 Part 7, 1997, Class 2.


510 x 408 x 242


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Mark 2 UK Standard Gas Meter Box, this product is recessed fit.

Suitable for standard domestic meters


  • Compliant to British Standard BS 8499: 2009 &Fire retardant BS476, Part 7, 1997, Class 2.
  • Constructed from Glass Reinforced Plastic.
  • Suitable for all meters, including prepay and smart.
  • This meter box will not rust. It is easy to clean and paint.
  • Complete with spigot, hinges, lock and key (Hinges is on the right)


595 x 409 x 214.


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  • Suitable for all standard domestic meters, including smart meters.
  • Designed for the standard meter installation kits.
  • Complies with British Standard B.S. 8499 : 2009.
  • Constructed from a high strength and extremely durable material.
  • Can be surface mounted, floor standing or partially buried.
  • Designed to accommodate a range of domestic gas meter types.


  • Manufactured using Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)
  • Fire retardant to BS476, Part 7, Class 2.
  • Fitted meter bracket.
  • Fitted Safety Door stay
  • Will not corrode, weather resistant
  • Complete with lock and key
  • Door opening front to back


500 mm high x 474 mm wide x 303 mm deep

Images of this product are shown for illustration purposes only, the actual product may vary in colour due to the nature of the material.


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This unit does not require you to remove your old gas back from the wall. Instead, you can now purchase a replacement gas cover, that not only fixes your damaged gas box, but will also bring you up to the latest UK Gas BS 8499:2017 Standards.

Moreover, our GRP Gas Overbox will work with all smart meters unlike many metal replacement options.


  • Compliant with BS 8499:2017 minimum wall thickness 3mm.
  • GRP construction.
  • Meets BS 8499:2017 material specifications: Made from Polyester
  • Moulding Compound (not metal)
  • Fire rated, conforms to BS 476-7 Class 2.


510mm Height x 450mm Width x 310mm Depth


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Our gas meter boxes are all weather-resistant, fire retardant and extremely durable.

Easily Cleaned & Painted

Our gas meter boxes can be easily cleaned and painted to suit your taste.

European Certified

Most of our meter boxes are Irish and British Standard Approved.