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IP44 & IP55 Kiosks

At Tricel, we supply a wide range of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) kiosks in the UK. They are the best value-for-money kiosks you can find and possess many positive features. 

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GRP Kiosk Suppliers UK


As the leading GRP kiosk suppliers in the UK, we provide our customers with quality GRP kiosks as well as cabinets that last many years and can be used for several purposes.

In fact, they are so adaptable and versatile that they can house and protect a range of different electrical equipment such as switchgear, multimeters, compressors, etc.

Why Purchase our GRP kiosks?

Our GRP housings are highly secure and designed and manufactured to resist UV, fire and any impact up to 20 Kilojoules (IK10).

Furthermore, as they are provided with stainless steel hinges, lock and key, you can securely lock your kiosk to prevent any undesirable interferences with your electric installation.

Finally, in order to better suit your needs, we offer a wide range of kiosks in different sizes.

Range of IP55 and IP44 Kiosks including Double Doors Kiosks & Pedestals.

Model/SKU#DescriptionHeightWidthDepthBUY ONLINE
EBP0026IP43 Rated Electric Kiosk (750x500x300mm)750mm500mm300mmBuy Online
EBP0028IP43 Rated Electric Kiosk (500x750x300mm)500mm750mm300mmBuy Online
EBP0027IP43 Rated Electric Kiosk (500x500x300mm)500mm500mm300mmBuy Online
EBP0029IP43 Rated Electric Kiosk (750x750x300mm)750mm750mm300mmBuy Online
EBP0031IP43 Rated electrical Kiosk (1000x750x300mm)1000mm750mm300mmBuy Online
102215IP55 Double Door Kiosk (500x1000x300mm)500mm1000mm300mmBuy Online
102216IP55 Double Door Kiosk (750x1000x300mm)750mm1000mm300mmBuy Online
102217IP55 Double Door Kiosk (1000x1000x300mm)1000mm1000mm300mmBuy Online
102236IP55 Kiosk Single Door (500x500x300mm)500mm500mm300mmBuy Online
102237IP55 Kiosk Single Door (500x750x300mm)500mm750mm300mmBuy Online
102238IP55 Kiosk Single Door (750x500x300mm)750mm500mm300mmBuy Online
102239IP55 Kiosk Single Door (750x750x300mm)750mm750mm300mmBuy Online
102240IP55 Kiosk Single Door (1000x500x300mm)1000mm500mm300mmBuy Online
102241IP55 Kiosk Single Door (1000x750x300mm)1000mm750mm300mmBuy Online
102242Kiosk Pedestal (750x750x300mm)750mm750mm300mmBuy Online
102243Kiosk Pedestal (750x500x300mm)750mm500mm300mmBuy Online

​How to assemble an IP55 Kiosk

This video is a brief and simple guide on assembling your IP55 kiosk. 

Also available How to Assemble a Kiosk Pedestal video

GRP Kiosks – Features

Key features of IP44 and IP55 Kiosks

  • Low maintenance: easily cleaned
  • Extremely durable
  • Strong: impact resistant
  • Weather resistant with an IP43 or IP55 rating
  • Double insulation and electrically non-conductive (1000V)
  • Electromagnetic compatible
  • Very secure: triple lock system supported by non-corrosive vertical bars
  • Flexible design: can be painted to meet your needs and have a low visual impact

Visit our online shop to purchase your kiosk & pedestal

Brochures & instructions for installation

Kiosks: Stock and Delivery

All sizes are in stock and delivered in the UK (and in Ireland) as they are stored in our headquarters in Gloucester. As dedicated GRP kiosk suppliers in the UK market, we also make sure that you can order your products online quickly and securely.

It’s important to note that all our GRP enclosures are supplied flat-packed but with instructions to support quick and smooth installation. We are also pleased to announce that a brand-new range of pedestals is available on our e-commerce website to better help you install your future kiosk (detailed instructions is provided).

Key Features


A strong, durable and lightweight material


A professional team with extensive experience


Economical solutions for numerous products

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