Meter Boxes

Meter Box Spares

​At Tricel, we supply a wide range of electric and gas meter boxes as well as kiosks for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

Due to this we also offer a large variety of meter box spares for maintenance and repair for a vast array of units.

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Meter Boxes

Gas & Electric Meter Box Spares


Our offering includes the most commonly needed gas and electric meter box doors but not only!

Indeed, our selection also incorporates other meter box spares such as meter box hinges, studs and spigots. We try to go beyond the most common requests to satisfy every need of our customers

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Spare Doors


Replacement Door for Meter BoxesOur electric and gas meter box spare doors are available in different sizes and fits, making meter box door replacement hassle free.

All our replacement doors are highly durable and strong


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Pipe & Cable Covers


These are easy to cover sheath exposed riser pipes and cables. They are manufactured from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP).

They simply clip on overexposed piping and are suitable for both gas and electrical units. In fact, they are available for gas application in sizes 32mm, 63mm and 1m. They are also available for electrical units in 32mm. Each pipe and cable cover unit is resistant against rust and corrosion.


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Overboxes & Covers


These are replacement units which combine both the surrounding door frame as well as the door itself. This selection of over-boxes and covers includes :

  • large electrical box door and frame (internal dimensions 707 x 478mm)
  • flush fitted electric meter box cover (internal dimensions 597 x 402mm)
  • architrave over-box door and frame (internal dimensions 707 x 504mm)
  • Mark One Gas Overbox – Surface Mounted (510mm Height x 450mm Width x 310mm Depth)
  • other gas and electric over boxes for standard surface mounted and recessed meter boxes

All units are made out of GRP and come supplied with a locking system and key.


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Hockey Sticks


Hockey stick 38mm Black - Recessed electric meter boxOur hockey sticks (38mm and 44mm) are for internal use inside cavity walls and for external use on walls. They are manufactured from UPVC and are coloured either in black or white. 

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Meter Box Keys


meter box keys gasWe supply a range of meter box keys for both electric and gas units. These come in 2-unit packs. The electric box door keys suit UK standard meter box doors as well as small, medium and large permali doors. The gas meter box keys are suited for the standard UK, MK1 and MK2 meter box doors.



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Brass pin hinges kits are available for replacement on all meter box doors. These are available in two packs:

  • one with 2 stainless steel pin hinges
  • one with 1 stainless steel pin and 1 brass pin hinges



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Door Locks & Latches & Repair kits


High-quality aluminium and nylon door lock kits are available as singular units. Each kit contains a lock, a wavy washer and a star lock washer. Door latch repair kits are also available which include a latch, an electric/gas meter box key and pins.



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Studs, Plugs & Spigots


A range of smaller parts is also on offer. Surface mounted gas meter box cover fixing studs are available, along with 2-inch plastic plugs and spare spigots for gas meter boxes.



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Kiosk Backplates


Our GRP electric kiosk backplates are suitable for use with our IP43 and IP55 kiosks. They are available in different dimensions.



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Kiosk Pedestals


Our range of GRP pedestals that provide a high mounting base for our IP43 and IP55 kiosks. They are delivered flat-packed. They are available in two different dimensions.



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​Repair solutions for every meter box

At Tricel we manufacture a large variety of replacement doors and frames for most meter boxes available on the market. 

Installation Process

To see how easy it is to replace your meter box door, view our video on how to change a meter box lock.

Meter Boxes

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Made out of Glass Reinforced Plastic our meter box spares are strong and durable

European Certified

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Our large range of meter box spares helps you fix your broken or damaged meter box in no time and by yourself. No need to call for a repairman

European Certified

Technical Expertise

We are a highly successful multinational corporation with over 60 years’ valuable industry experience.

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