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July 16, 2014

Belgian License Awarded to Tricel Novo

Tricel has reached another milestone for their market leading wastewater treatment plants in attaining the Benor Certificate (Belgian licence). Tricel are now the only company to hold the Benor licence, DIBt Zulassung (German licence), French Agrément (French licence), EN12566-3 (European Certification) for the Tricel Novo wastewater treatment plants.

Tricel initially met with Certipro, who are the test house charged with issuing the Benor Certificate, in early 2013. As part of the licence Certipro visited Killarney in March of this year for a comprehensive factory audit. It included analysis of the production of raw materials, manufacturing processes, quality control, traceability, technical specifications and water testing of random stock samples. Certipro also conducted site visits to plants already installed in homes taking samples to ensure the plants are operating correctly.

Certipro will continue to periodically inspect the manufacturing processes here at Tricel to ensure the standards of quality are maintained.
As the certification process is so rigorous customers can be confident that the Tricel Novo wastewater treatment plants are manufactured to the highest standards. The Benor Certificate covers a range of plants from 1-50 PE which are used for individual family homes as well as small developments.

“We are proud to have obtained the Benor Certificate and look forward to achieving further milestones and growing the Tricel brand further” Pat Reidy Business Development Manager.

For further information please contact us on info@ie.tricel.eu.