Packaged Filter Systems

Packaged Filter Systems

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Tricel Puraflo is an eco-friendly, modular tertiary treatment system. The system uses a peat fibre biofilter system making it one of the most sustainable wastewater treatment systems on the market with very little energy consumption.

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Packaged Filter Systems

The Packaged System Filter – Tricel Puraflo


Tricel Puraflo works in conjunction with your existing Septic Tank or Tricel Novo where a higher level of effluent filtration is required before being dispersed into the ground.

Secondary & tertiary sewage treatment is the final cleaning process. It improves wastewater quality before it is reused, recycled or discharged to the environment. Our packaged filter system Puraflo may be submitted as part of a tertiary treatment application.

The treatment removes remaining inorganic compounds, and substances, such as nitrogen and phosphorus. Packaged filter systems are required for environmentally sensitive sites such as sites in watershed protection areas.

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What is a packaged filter system?

Packaged filter systems are required for environmentally sensitive sites, sites in watershed protection areas, often require enhanced treatment. This is achieved by combining a tertiary sewage treatment plant, with a secondary treatment system, typically an aerobic treatment unit.

The Tricel Puraflo system connects to your existing septic tank/sewage treatment plant. The secondary treated effluent is dosed to Puraflo polishing filter modules and undergoes a third stage or tertiary treatment. The combined system will provide very high level pathogen and nutrient reduction.

Key features & benefits of packaged filter system

► The Tricel Puraflo Tertiary Treatment Plant is a 100% natural system that draws on the remarkable filtration properties of peat and uses no chemical additives in achieving exceptional results.

► Puraflo’s unique bio-fibrous peat filter provides unsurpassed treatment of domestic water, reducing the risk of pollution whilst providing protection for homes, the environment and public health.

► Low carbon footprint. 99.9% reduction in total coliforms. Elimination of pathogenic bacteria. Micro-biological treatment of wastewater. Phosphorous reduction <2mg/litre*.

► Existing septic tank system can be easily upgraded to a high-performance treatment plant by adding Puraflo modules.

► The media covering the effluent distribution grid in the Puraflo module has odour absorption properties therefore suppressing sewage odours.

Key benefits for you

  • The Tricel Puraflo has minimal power requirements, costs typically averaging approximately €10 per annum.
  • The modular design of Puraflo can be installed above or at ground level. Puraflo units do not require concrete backfill and can utilise the existing excavated material as backfill. The installation is also really quick and simple.
  • The Puraflo bio-filters require no de-sludging or backwashing. Provided the septic tank and sump receive regular de-sludging, the system will continue to operate efficiently.
  • Intermittent or seasonal flows have no detrimental effect on treatment levels, making Puraflo ideally suited where fluctuating loads are expected.
  • The use of a septic tank means fewer de-sludging operations and reduced operational costs. The only mechanical device in the system is the pump, which works on an intermittent basis, minimising the possibility of mechanical problems. Minimum maintenance will be required.
  • To further enhance the treated effluent quality with a tertiary treatment option the treated effluent can be passed through an additional Puraflo module capable of achieving a 5:5mg/l BOD: SS standard.

How do Tricel Puraflo packaged filter systems work?

Stage one: Primary settlement – Physical treatment

1. The wastewater flows into the primary chamber where the initial settlement occurs.

2. The gross solids sink to form a sludge later at the bottom of the tank.

3. The liquid effluent passes forward through an effluent filter system into the forward feed pump station.


Stage two: Puraflo Biofiltration – Secondary treatment

4. The liquid effluent is pumped to the Puraflo modules.
5. A pipework system at the top level in the modules evenly distributes the effluent onto a naturally occurring filter media.
6. A combination of biological, chemical and physical processes treat the effluent as it filters through the media in the modules, achieving considerable BOD, SS and NH3-N reductions. The system is also highly effective in the elimination of enteric bacteria.
7. The treated effluent emerges from the modules through the outlet pipework for an approved disposal method.

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Puraflo Commercial Sizing

Case Studies

Tricel Puraflo

This table indicates typical system sizes for sample population equivalents.

Population Equivalent (PE)Maximum Daily Flow (m3/d)Applied Organic Load (kg/day BOD)Number of Modules

Puraflo Commercial Module Specifications

Unit Weight (approximate)<700kg

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Key Features

Cost Effective

Minimal maintenance is required with our Tricel Puraflo systems: fewer de-sludging operations and reduced operational costs.

Easy installation

Puraflo units do not require concrete backfill and can utilise the existing excavated material as backfill. Therefore, the installation is quick and simple.

Low Carbon Footprint

Our packaged filter system is a 100% natural system that draws on the remarkable filtration properties of peat and uses no chemical additives in achieving exceptional results.

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