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We created the Novo SR to meet our customers’ needs. It’s a small sewage treatment plant that’s efficient and cost-effective, helping save money.

Affordable, durable & long Lasting



Tricel Novo 8PE installation Sewage treatment plant installation in Yorkshire


Tricel is a global provider of high-performance, innovation-based solutions for the Water, Environmental, Construction and Distribution industries.

Our manufacturing capabilities include a range of composite materials which are producing in-house using our experienced engineering team.

The company ethos of “Generations of Innovation” is built around three interlinking themes; Innovation, Quality and Heritage.

Over 50 years of highly successful business operations in a range of markets across Europe.

50 years in business

A highly successful multinational corporation with over 50 years’ valuable industry experience

Reliable sewage treatment systems

Sewage treatment plants available for all capacities, 1 to 50+ Population Equivalent. Larger Sewage Treatment Plants available on request

Fast Delivery

On-time delivery is a core requirement of our successful business operations

Meet our sewage treatment specialists


Barrie Smith

National Sales Manager

Ryan Odey

Ryan Odey

Area Sales Manager – South West of the UK


Stuart Goulding

Area Sales Manager –  North West of the UK



Barry Hodden

Area Sales Manager –  East and South East of the UK



Callum Sharp

Area Sales Manager – Scotland and Northern England

Damien McLaughlin

Damien McLaughlin

Depawater distributor in Northern Ireland

Based on 16 reviews
Jono Sheridan
Jono Sheridan
I had Callum the Scottish sales representative out at my property. We were in urgent situation and he managed to come out the next day after my initial enquiry was made and offered various solutions. We went with the Novo which was delivered within a week. Our groundworkers installed it without any problems. Tricel provided a seamless and efficient service alongside a great product. I would highly recommend.
Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross
great service from Callum throughout the years. Always puts the customer first
West Country Drainage Services
West Country Drainage Services
Fantastic company to deal with, fair and honest. We have installed so many Tricel sewage treatment plants without any problems at all. The customer service is fantastic with friendly office especially Lisa. Ryan on the sales team is a pleasure to deal with.
Daniel Godwin
Daniel Godwin
Very good supplier to work with. You always get quick responses from the area sales manager (Callum Sharp) and he is always more than happy to go the extra mile to help.
Nicky Kelly
Nicky Kelly
Thanks Callum for the work done at my house. Great service
Michael Richards
Michael Richards
Great quality product, easier to install than other options. Representative is very responsive and always on hand. Great company to deal with.
Oliver Fielder
Oliver Fielder
The sales rep Ryan is very helpful, Nothing is too much trouble arranging site visits to talk through the best options for the job. I would recommend to anyone in the area to deal with Ryan.
Bethan Boobyer
Bethan Boobyer
Tricel are one of the easiest companies to deal with. The external rep for our area is happy to go above and beyond to help us secure the order. Thanks for all your help Ryan. Special thank you Ryan, for spending three days (including a Saturday) to help with a local agricultural show, the only supplier who spent that time with us. Would highly recommend dealing with this supplier for all your needs.
Jamie Gill
Jamie Gill
Great company to deal with, very helpful and knowledgeable on products. Thanks for all your help Ryan!
Matthew Jaques
Matthew Jaques
Make sure you understand the delivery procedure before ordering from this company. After paying for our small tank and delivery ( an extra £200+ ) we were then told that delivery didn’t include getting the tank off the lorry. This would be an additional £313 plus vat. A total of £560 plus vat just for delivery. I would have ordered from someone else if I had known this before ordering. Today was delivery day, no sign of the tank towards the end of the day, when I rang I was told the driver was running late, could we wait till after 5. At 6.30 pm still no tank and no phone call from driver.


Technical expertise

Unrivalled technical expertise by our sales team regarding wastewater treatment solution


Tricel Solutions require minimal maintenance  and operating costs are reduced to a minimum

Installers network

UK wide network of recommended installers for your peace of mind

Frequently Asked Questions

A cesspool is a simple storage vessel with an inlet and no outlet. It’s a sealed storage vessel; all the water coming in stays within the tank. The advantage is it doesn’t need an outlet. The disadvantages are: there is no treatment, the tanks are huge, and it needs regular emptying. Everything which has gone in must be sucked out. Ideal for sites which have got very infrequent use (Sheppard huts, for example).

A septic tank has an inlet and an outlet; it’s a simple overflow system. See how a septic tank works here. The advantages of the septic tank are there is no mechanic and no electricity requirement for it to work. The disadvantages are you are discharging dirty water, and untreated sewage effluent, as a tiny breakdown has occurred in the tank. You can only release water to a drainage field for it to percolate through the subsoil for further treatment.

A sewage or package treatment plant has an inlet and an outlet; the wastewater is treated inside the tank. Aeration is provided inside the tank for the aerobic bacteria to feed on the waste and remove it from the liquid. The advantages are the wastewater is treated and can be discharged to a watercourse. 

Many package treatment plants are available on the market:

  • Trickles filters
  • Rotating Biological Contactors (RBC)
  • Mobile media bio-reactors
  • Activated Sludge systems
  • Sequence Batch Reactor systems (SBR)
  • Fixed Bed Systems (like the Tricel Novo)

Domestic wastewater is all wastewater generated inside the house, including grey water from sinks, showers, baths and sewage from toilets. Rainwater is not classified as greywater and should be directed to a soakaway.

A trial hole can be dug during the site assessment and left open for 48 hours to determine this. The ground level is used to measure the water level.

After the water is discharged, it must flow into a drainage field or a running watercourse. It will fail and block up very quickly whenever it is released directly into the ground. It will also violate the government’s General Binding Rules for small sewage discharges—more information on this page.

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