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Commercial Septic Tanks

Wastewater treatment

Commercial Septic Tanks

Tricel commercial septic tanks are supplied throughout the UK and are manufactured from high density polyethylene using the latest in blow moulding technology.

High strength and durability characteristics make up the Vento septic tank. This market-leading product has a super low profile giving the added benefit for installations as this option of wastewater treatment requires a smaller excavation. This combined with its lightweight feature ensures ease of installation that makes it the ideal choice for all septic tank applications.

Commercial Septic Tanks – Tricel Vento

The Tricel Vento is manufactured and tested to the highest international standards. It is suitable for wastewater treatment when there is sufficient land available for a suitable drainage field and full approval has been received from your planning authority.

A commercial septic tank can be installed where site conditions are suitable and approved from the standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency. The main effluent is treated in the percolation area, the system and percolation area is designed in accordance with the BS 6297:1983 and EN12566-1:2007 standards.

Key features & benefits

Certification – The Tricel Vento is certified to EN12566-1

Safety – Lids are fully securable for onsite safety

Easy to install – Lightweight for ease of installation. Most tanks depending on site conditions can be installed without concrete. Please refer to the installation manual.

Clever design – Low profile tanks have a smaller excavation saving you money.

How a Septic Tank Works


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