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As a sewage treatment plant manufacturer, we, at Tricel, work alongside with a network of septic tank installers across the UK.

Our installers are professional and experienced companies able to install septic tanks, sewage treatment plants as well as tertiary treatment solutions.  

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Tricel’s septic tank installers:


  • Professional and experienced companies. We have chosen them carefully and worked with them for years.
  • Located all around the UK, covering England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  • Installing a large range of sewage treatment solutions. Our products are easy to install and simple to maintain. We have designed reliable and durable products that our installers can install in a few simple steps. Our products are lightweight all-in-one-tank solutions.

Tricel’s sewage treatment solutions

Tricel is a manufacturer of sewage treatment solutions.

We deliver a wide range of sewage treatment solutions for all requirements. Those solutions are suitable for both domestic and commercial projects; for self-build projects, tank replacements, upgrades and extensions. 

All our solutions comply with the 2020 regulations. Please find out more about the 2020 regulations on our dedicated page.

Tricel is committed to providing its customers with a qualitative service. We exclusively work with professional that we trust.


Tricel supplies sewage treatment plants across the UK. We deliver wastewater solutions for residential and commercial projects. Our solutions are installed by professional installers with whom we have built a strong partnership over the years.

The septic tank installers are specialists and have worked with us on many projects.

Please find below some of the projects our installers have participated in with us.

Looking for an installer?


If you are looking for an installer or builder to install your septic tank or your sewage treatment plant, we will be more than happy to put you in contact with our installers. Contact us now.

Your are an installer/builder: 


If you are a builder looking for resistant and lightweight septic tanks and sewage treatment plants easy to install, Tricel will be happy to work with you!

Simply get in touch with us and a member of your technical sales team will come back to you.

Our product range
Choose Quality. Choose Tricel.

Tricel best seller, the Novo Sewage Treatment Plant Key BENEFITS:


Made of SMC (strong & durable while being lightweight)
Quality manufacturing and assembly process
20 years warranty on the SMC structure
No moving parts inside the tank (simple to install, simple to use and simple to maintain)
Shallow dig tank for easy installation
Dedicated team available for free site visits and technical advice

Sewage treatment systems: 

Tricel offers you a wide range of products. This allows you to meet all of your needs for your projects including for domestic or commercial sewage treatment plants. With more than 70 years of experience, we have installed a large number of solutions in the UK and around the world.

Our septic tank installers are experts in installing Tricel sewage treatment solutions.

Find the right product for you.


Operating costs are reduced to a minimum.


Sewage treatment plants are extremely reliable and durable as they are made out of long-lasting materials.


UK manufactured ensuring short lead time.

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