Important Sewage Treatment Plant Guidelines


Sewage treatment is always an important concern. Keep reading and learn all about essential Sewage Treatment Plant Guidelines. At Tricel Environmental, we want you to make the most out of your investment. To do so, we seek transparency and education.

sewage treatrment plant guidelines

Did you know that an average person in the UK produces about 150 liters of wastewater in a day? Whether you generate a lesser amount, it’s crucial to invest in proper wastewater treatment and management. Failure to do so can lead to soil pollution and contaminate natural water sources. 

One way to properly dispose of your waste is by investing in a sewage treatment plant. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t know how to use and care for this equipment. 

Here, we provide the ultimate sewage treatment plant guidelines to help you manage your waste. We’ll also discuss ways to identify if your sewer tank needs filtering or emptying.

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1. Perform Regular Inspection and Maintenance

A crucial guideline on sewage treatment is scheduling maintenance and inspection at least once a year. Still, you can get these services every 2-3 years if you have a low volume of water waste or rarely reside in the property.

The lack of adequate inspection can make it challenging to identify issues such as system failure. It can also lead to an overflow and cause secondary damage that may be expensive to fix.

Observing a maintenance schedule can help you protect your property from sewer damage and prevent water contamination. It’s vital to get these services from a qualified maintenance provider or your plant supplier.

You should also safeguard the sewage treatment plant diagram provided by the installer. This document will make it easier for the maintenance personnel to locate individual parts of the system.


2. Look Out for Signs of Damage

Sometimes, exposure to external conditions can wear out the outer parts of your sewage treatment plant. For instance, vents may bend when hit by hard objects or block due to debris like leaves and dust.

Watch out for signs of breakage and corrosion in your sewer line to ensure the proper flow of water waste. Moreover, check if your air blower is using a higher amount of electricity than before.

More signs to look out for are liquid and gas leakage, equipment ageing, and frequent electrical faults.

3. Don’t Drain Non-Degradable Waste

A mistake most homeowners make is draining non-degradable waste into their sewer. These may include baby wipes, diapers, sanitary towels, and rubber gloves.

The accumulation of such waste in your package sewage treatment plant may clog your drainage system. It also blocks the system’s pump and pipes then slow down filtration, affecting performance.

Other substances you should avoid draining into your sewer plant are those that could kill bacteria. Such are pesticides, grease, paint thinners, and medicine. Waste treatment experts also advise against draining excess quantities of bleach and washing detergent into the plant.

Hence, if you plan to do some general cleaning, distribute the disposal of water containing these chemicals over several days. This way, you avoid harming bacteria that break down waste, enhancing the performance of your sewer system.

Follow Sewage Treatment Plant Guidelines

Observing the discussed sewage treatment plant guidelines can ensure proper water waste management. At Tricel, we provide maintenance and desludging services to help you care for your system.

Our experts can perform a comprehensive inspection to identify faults in your plant. They may then fix it or recommend replacing it with our high-quality sewage treatment plant.

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