Sewage Treatment Plants Parts
Distribution Boxes and Risers

Tricel Environmental UK carries a range of wastewater treatment plants and septic tank parts and accessories to work with the Tricel Vento septic tank and Tricel Novo sewage treatment plant.

Sewage Treatment Plants Parts

Sewage Treatment Plants Parts


We offer different types of accessories or spare parts for our wastewater treatment solutions.

  • Distributions boxes
  • Turret risers
  • Spare lids and covers

See below more information for each.

Contact us to book a service for your Tricel wastewater treatment solution and we will refer you to one of our installers/maintenance companies.

Sewage Treatment Plants Parts

Distributions boxes for septic tanks and wastewater treatment plants

Distribution boxes are used to help distribute pre-treated effluent evenly into drainage trenches or soakaways. Our distribution boxes are gravity fed. They connect to a septic tank or wastewater treatment plant and distribute the pre-treated effluent to the drainage fields/soakaways.


  • Constructed from durable thermoplastic material
  • Manhole Cover included
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 350x350x450mm
  • Manhole Diameter 300mm
  • Complete with six access points and is suitable for use with a 4″ pipe, compatible with 110 pipe


Distribution boxes are available for:

Turret risers

Risers are available and used for deeper installations. When a septic tank or wastewater treatment plants have to be installed at a deeper depth, risers are available to provide access for desludging and maintenance of the systems in place.

Risers are available for:

They are easy to install (see below for more information) and give the flexibility to adapt to the site requirements and deep excavations.

Tricel Vento risers

Manhole risers are available for deeper installation requirements. They are available in 180mm increments x 400mm diameter to a maximum height of 540mm (max 3 risers). All manhole lids are securable and must be secured for safety and to prevent unauthorised access. All maintenance work is done through these manholes. Please refer to the manual (section 7) for more information about the risers and their installations.

Tricel Vento without risers
Tricel Vento with risers
Vento Riser

Please note that 2 risers are required for each septic tank.


Distribution box risers are also available.

They increase the height of the distribution box by 225mm.

A maximum of 3 risers is permitted with every distribution box.

Tricel Novo risers for deep installation

Tricel offers three different manhole riser heights to suit different invert/inlet levels. Manhole risers allow for the positioning of the treatment plants at the depth which is optimum to each individual installation. Wastewater is gravity fed from the home to your treatment plant.

The inlet pipe’s position from the premises determines the excavation depth for the wastewater treatment plant. Tricel offers a choice of manhole risers 250mm/500mm/750mm to help with installation where site conditions require a flexible solution.
Please note that the Novo comes with a 250mm riser piece, 110mm pipe, clear braided hose, assorted bolts and hose clips.

The quantity of risers required varies according to which Tricel Novo UK model you have and the number of turrets that need extending. For example, a Tricel UK6 has x1 turret and will require only x1 riser whereas a Tricel UK50 has x7 turrets and will therefore require x7 riser

For more information about the installation of the risers, please refer to the Tricel Novo Manual (5.9 “Risers”).

Turret Riser Installation for Tricel Novo wastewater treatment plants

The main reason for a riser to be used is when the waste pipe from the dwelling is lower than the inlet on the Novo wastewater treatment plant which is at 535mm. The installer can lower by an additional 750mm on top of the 535mm.
Manhole risers are available to facilitate this and to avoid the access hatch being positioned in a depression, as shown in the diagram.

NOTE: All installation work to be carried out by a trained competent person. We recommend you also download and read the manual.

Caution: Always isolate electricity before commencing any installation


Desludging cover installation

Steps to follow:


  1. Take off the desludge cover.
  2. Apply a bead of silicone around the insides of both sides of the joiner to seal.
  3. Put the joiner on the pipe already in place.
  4. Put extension in place.
  5. Apply another bead of silicone to the outside of the joiner to ensure a watertight seal.
  6. Place desludging cover onto pipe as before.
Desludging cover

Turret riser Installation

See below the steps to follow:

1. Take off access cover. Disconnect any electrics or pipework if necessary.
2. Apply a bead of silicone around the inside curved flange edge of the first riser.
3. Place the riser flange down on the turret.
4. Secure the riser in place using 8 M6 x 25mm tech screws. Insert screw at 90-degree angle.


Where more than a 250mm rise is required:

5. Apply a bead of silicone all around the top edge of the riser.
6. Place another 250mm riser in position on top of the first riser.
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for a 750mm rise.
8. Secure the riser in place using 8 M6 x 25 tech screws. Insert screws at a 45-degree angle.
9. Apply a bead of silicone on the inside of the riser to the riser joint. Make sure a good watertight seal is achieved.
10. Place the access cover back in position and reconnect any electrics.
11. Secure access in position using M12 bolt.

Each lid should be secured at all times to prevent unauthorised access. Tanks are supplied with two securing points, as shown below.
To secure the lid, rotate until tight. Tighten screw in place with a screwdriver. The lid is now secured in place.


Turret Riser
Secure Riser to Turret

Spare lids and covers

Because accidents can happen and the lid or covers of your wastewater treatment plant or septic tank might get damaged and needs replacing.

Please see below the replacement parts, lids and covers for both Tricel Novo and Tricel Vento.

  • Access lid for Vento 6, 12, 20 (same lid for all tanks)
  • Access lid/cover for Novo UK (will vary depending on the Novo models)
  • Blower housing lid for Novo UK (same for all the Novo models)
  • Desludge lid for Novo UK (same for all the Novo models)
  • Mamway risers 250mm, 500mm or 750mm


For all other maintenance and repairs, we would advise you to book a service and we will refer you to one of our installers/maintenance companies.

We would also advise regular maintenance and desludging of your sewage systems to ensure a longer life span of your sewage treatment system.


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