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Commercial Sewage Treatment Pumping Station

Pumping Station


Commercial Sewage Treatment Pump Station

Commercial pumping stations are used where gravity drainage is not possible.

The tank is constructed from GRP and collects the effluent or foul water from low-lying developments and pumps to a main sewer or treatment plant. It may also be used to pump from a sewage treatment plant to the raised bed drainage field. The Tricel pumping station is fitted with a control float, which activates the pump to pump specific volumes when the capacity has reached a pre-defined level.

Dual Pumping Station

Commercial Sewage Treatment Pump Station

Commercial pumping stations are in addition to your sewage treatment plant, a pumping system is used when the premises are lower than the sewage treatment plant and effluent needs to be pumped to a higher location.

Standard tanks include 1,000 litre to 1,600 litre tanks. The Tricel packaged pump station contains:

  • Underground tank made from GRP (glass reinforced plastic)
  • Inlet point
  • Outlet point
  • Submersible pump
  • Control panel and alarm

Dual pumps are also available, along with custom designed pumping stations, which are bespoke tanks built to suit customers specific requirements.

  • Volume of inflow
  • Dual or single pumps
  • Tank dimensions/capacity
  • Electrical connections available
  • Pumping distance/height


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