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Killarney Plastics (Tricel)

Killarney Plastics (now Tricel) formed February of 1973. The focus of the group was the development and manufacture of high quality and durable composite and fibreglass resin (GRP) based products. Over time the success of the company grew along with a specialised and highly technical skill set required for producing products from this innovative material.


The enterprise was originally formed by Anne Stack and Con Stack, and has ever since been a fully Irish owned and family run business. It is this family style dynamic which over time has attributed the company with its positive atmosphere. This form of cohesion has allowed for the development and expansion of the group from its beginnings as a singular specialist production element, to what is today a multifaceted organisation which operates on a global stage.

Early Success

Early success saw the business build upon and expand its original premises, following this was a broadening of the product range being produced. These new products included meter box enclosures and water storage tanks. The group quickly began to develop and apply new and unique manufacturing methods based on hard-earned knowledge and skills brought about by industry experience. The use of these innovative techniques quickly ensured the manufacture of extremely high quality products, pushing Killarney Plastics to the forefront of the industry. It has since been these key elements which are central to the continued growth and success of the company.


The group’s introduction of both the water storage tanks and meter box enclosures was an unmitigated success, and the enterprise began to expand its sales and export throughout the UK and wider Europe. From this new position the company’s reputation for innovation, technical ability and highly dependable products grew. New market development strategies saw the group successfully expand their presence throughout these regions and receive valuable utilities contracts in both Ireland and the UK.


Consequently, as the business continued to grow so did the portfolio of holdings. In 1998 the decision was taken to amalgamate these holdings under one company brand name, and that name was KMG (Killarney Manufacturing Group). This trend of acquisition and expansion continued unabated through the years and the group’s operations and holdings continued to grow. Moreover, the growth strategy soon saw the concern expand its product offerings in the Environmental sector with a primary focus on the waste water treatment segment. KMG soon became the leading GRP water tank manufacturer in Europe, with sales in Africa and Asia.

Re-branding to Tricel

Under the banner of KMG the business continued its positive expansion strategy and was soon operating in multiple regions throughout Europe such as the UK, France and Germany. This model of expansion continually grew the enterprise’s position. Following on the success in establishing operations in both Germany and France the group decided to re-brand using the name of the product which had helped them to achieve this position. And so it was, that in early 2014 KMG, headed by its founding company Killarney Plastics, officially became known as Tricel.

Tricel Today

Accordingly, Tricel is today instilled with, and operating on, the same pillars and values established back in 1973. The company’s expansion has resulted in extensive interests and product offerings which cater across four main divisions. These divisions include Water, Construction, Environmental and Materials. Each of these divisions develops and produce cutting edge and innovative solutions which successfully suit the needs of today’s evolving industry. Tricel strives to achieve the highest standard of quality throughout the group’s production processes, operations and customer services.