Tricel Rebrand

Our strategic objective was to design, develop and manufacture a range of environmental products that would assist in caring for and preserving our environment. Utilizing a diversification of skills, knowledge and backgrounds, we designed a range of environmental products that will make a significant contribution in helping to provide a more sustainable way of living.

The Tricel brand was established in 2002 as KMG expanded into new markets and was already an established name in a number of countries. Tricel was awarded French and German trading licenses in 2011 and 2012 respectively and went on to win a prestigious award for best Irish company in France 2012. Due to the growing success of KMG’s sub division Tricel, on the 28th of March Killarney Manufacturing Group headed by its founding company Killarney Plastics underwent a rebrand which saw companies within the groups existing structure renamed to Tricel.

Companies included in the Tricel rebranding include: KMG headed by its founding company Killarney Plastics is now Tricel (Killarney)Gloucester Composites Ltd is now Tricel (Gloucester) Ltd and Fibreglass Sales (UK) Ltd is now Tricel (Newry) Ltd.