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Our Responsibility


Tricel’s Sustainability program is a key element for the group. Sustainability is a priority for all management and employees and it is important that all companies within the group implement sustainable procedures that reduce our carbon footprint, recycle products and reduce waste. We integrate sustainability across all the group’s day to day operations, including product design, production and business processes.

Employees undertake training programs annually on the group’s sustainability program and are educated on how our processes impact the environment. Tricel requires all employees to comply with sustainability projects and are encouraged to provide feedback on how we can improve and strengthen our program.

We strive to facilitate the adoption of new procedures and solutions to drive responsible energy practices and have focused on the energy efficiency of our production processes. Sustainability is at the forefront of product design, procurement of raw materials, packaging and distribution. We optimise the use of natural resources where possible and focus on reducing the environmental impact of our products at the end of their lifecycle.

Employees and companies within Tricel are encouraged to recycle where possible. Facilities and structures are put in place to promote this.

Approximately 70% of packaging used to transport our products to customers are composed of recycled products.

Health & Safety

Tricel is committed to providing a safe and supportive workplace for employees and have adopted training and education policies to promote this high standard. Employees are trained on handling of hazardous material, personal safety and protection. Procedures and guidelines are set up to manage major to minor incidents. Clear definitions of responsibility and accountability are outlined for management, supervisors and departments. We provide all employees with the information, instruction and supervision that are required to work safely. We foster a working environment of non-discrimination and equality, where all employees are encouraged to reach their potential.


Tricel is dedicated to providing high quality products and services across its range of markets. Our aim is to achieve the highest standards of quality in the group’s production processes, operations and customer service. Monitoring quality performance is a key element of our quality strategy to ensure that we supply our clients with high quality products consistently.

To employ this, traceability of products, raw materials and procurement of reliable raw materials is at the core of our business processes. Strict codes of practice are in place for all employees with their responsibilities and obligations clearly identified, to ensure that quality is never compromised. Effective management of quality within Tricel from design, conception and through to production, assists in the improvement of performance within Tricel.