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What Are the Risks of an Unsuitable Sewage Treatment System

If your sewage treatment system is unsuitable or non-compliant with the regulations currently in place in the UK, you are exposing yourself to some critical risks. In this article, we are going to explain in detail what these risks are.

1.  The risks of an unsuitable sewage treatment system: pollution

If your septic tank or sewage treatment plant was not installed correctly, or if you don’t maintain it regularly by emptying it at least once a year, it won’t function properly.

As a result, your home’s sewage won’t receive proper treatment and pollute the surrounding environment, such as your garden or a nearby river. Correct installation and de-sludging of the sewage treatment system are the responsibility of the homeowner. To ensure the efficiency of your system, perform several regular checks on your sewage treatment solution.

For health and safety reasons, we recommend that the installation and maintenance of your septic tank or sewage treatment should get carried out by qualified professionals, such as licensed waste disposal companies. If the sewage treatment unit is not in good working order, you must contact a technician as soon as possible.

You can check out on the Environment Agency website the register of waste carriers, brokers, and dealers to find a competent company.

pollution of the environment

2.  The risks of an unsuitable sewage treatment system: public health hazard

As previously stated, if your septic tank or sewage treatment plant shows signs of malfunction, you should intervene as quickly as possible. If sludge is leaking from a crack in your tank, or if drains or pipes are perforated or broken, this could potentially lead to the contamination of a source of drinking water. Indeed, if your house is close to a groundwater zone, people could get infected.

You will need to hire an expert to identify and fix the problem as soon as you notice any of the tell-tale signs, such as a notable sewage smell or greener grass sprouting in the vicinity.

3.  The risks of an unsuitable sewage treatment system: environmental fines

If your sewage treatment system doesn’t comply with the current general binding rules regarding wastewater treatment if you discharge sewage to the ground or surface water, you will indeed get fined by the Environment Agency of your region. These fines can reach thousands of pounds. The government takes this type of offense very seriously. This happened recently to a garden and shopping centre boss who illegally discharged sewage to an open ditch near a river.

That’s why we highly advise you to upgrade your septic tank following the new general binding rules that will be implemented starting from 2020. Our Tricel Novo is a good option. It is certified as it meets the relevant British Standard “BS EN 12566” that is in force at the moment

If you have any questions regarding the risks of an unsuitable sewage treatment system, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you with your request.

Likewise, if you want to get a quote for the upgrade of your sewage treatment unit, feel free to fill out the contact form available on our website. We will get back to you shortly.

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