Non-conductive & insulated pins

ELiminate the risk of accidentally striking unseen power cables!

Non-Conductive Pins Overview

Traditionally, marker and fence pins were commonly made from steel, which posed a high risk of electrocution if they accidentally struck underground power cables. However, at Tricel, we have developed a safer alternative with our non-conductive fence pins.

The primary benefit of using non-conductive pins for fencing or line markers is that they eliminate the risk of accidentally striking underground or unseen power cables. This significantly reduces the potential for serious injury or even death.

By using Tricel’s non-conductive pins, construction and groundwork crews can work safely without worrying about the dangers of underground electrical hazards. This helps to ensure that everyone involved in the project can complete their work without risking their safety.

Non-Conductive Pins Benefits

There are many extremely beneficial features of non-conductive pins, which include safety for your staff in instances when dealing with underground electrical wiring as well as product durability for cost-effectiveness. 

Below is a listing of some of these more prominent benefits:

  • 100% non-conductive to promote the safety of staff as well as pedestrians
  • Our non-conductive line pins meet the highest industry standards
  • Lightweight for easy storage and hassle-free transportation
  • Strong, resilient and long-lasting ensuring value for money
  • Constructed using robust and extremely durable material
  • Pins built from this material have no scrap value
  • Option tension clips available on demand
  • Available in orange to be highly visible


Tricel’s range of safety products is widely used and provides peace of mind to both the public as well as site staff. In particular, our non-conductive pins are used not only for  construction use but also electrical fencing structures by farmers, event organisers for marking traffic areas and more.
Some of the common examples are listed below:
  • Controlling crowds in concerts and sporting events
  • Various applications in the farming industry
  • Restricting access
  • Road lining



1.2m non-conductive fence pin

600mm line marker

750mm line marker

900mm line marker

Insulated Line Pins Overview

Perfect for eliminating risk from unseen hazards. Suitable for compacted ground.

Our line pins are versatile and suitable for use in various applications, including marking out construction sites, roadworks, special events, and indicating access points. Their primary function, however, is to protect workers from the dangers of unseen underground hazards.

Insulated Line Pins Benefits

Insulated line pins offer several valuable features, including long-lasting durability due to their rust and weather-resistant properties. Additionally, their stronger steel spike ensures they remain firmly in place. Notable benefits of these pins include:

  • Meet the highest industry standards: BS 8020 for insulated tools
  • Constructed using robust and extremely durable material
  • 16mm diameter fibreglass shaft
  • Supplied with a reinforced steel cap
  • Insulated, lightweight and highly visible
  • Strong, resilient and long lasting
  • Constructed to minimise hand-arm vibrations (HAV’s)
  • Highly versatile and rust resistant
  • Pins built from this material have no scrap value



Our insulated pins are available in different sizes if needed, but for some of them a minimum quantity will be applied:

  • 1-meter standard length
    Available in 600mm length – MOQ applies

vigorously tested

Tricel manufactures strong, long-lasting and insulated line pins as well as 100% non-conductive pins for the protection of contractors. Fully compliant with UK & European Legislation.


Our road safety products are tough and weather resistant


Our road safety products allow safe passage around or through road works


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