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Secondary & Tertiary Commercial Sewage Treatment

Commercial Tricel Puraflo Modules secondary & tertiary commercial sewage treatment

Secondary & tertiary commercial sewage treatment

Secondary & tertiary commercial sewage treatment is the final cleaning process. It improves wastewater quality before it is reused, recycled or discharged to the environment. Puraflo peat fibre secondary and tertiary treatment plants may be submitted as part of a tertiary treatment application.

The treatment removes remaining inorganic compounds, and substances, such as nitrogen and phosphorus. Tertiary treatment is required for environmentally sensitive sites such as sites in watershed protection areas.

Tricel Puraflo Module secondary & tertiary commercial sewage treatment

What is a Tricel Puraflo

The Puraflo secondary commercial treatment system and the Puraflo Tertiary treatment system is an advanced sustainable technology. Designed for the treatment of wastewater in commercial buildings. Puraflo sewage treatment modules can be used as a secondary or tertiary treatment of wastewater and sewage.

How a Tricel Puraflo Commercial Sewage System works

Stage one: Primary settlement – Physical treatment

1. The wastewater flows into the primary chamber where the initial settlement occurs.
2. The gross solids sink to form a sludge later at the bottom of the tank.
3. The liquid effluent passes forward through an effluent filter system into the forward feed pump station.

Stage two: Puraflo Biofiltration – Secondary treatment

4. The liquid effluent is pumped to the Puraflo modules.
5. A pipework system at the top level in the modules evenly distributes the effluent onto a naturally occurring filter media.
6. A combination of biological, chemical and physical processes treat the effluent as it filters through the media in the modules, achieving considerable BOD, SS and NH3-N reductions. The system is also highly effective in the elimination of enteric bacteria.
7. The treated effluent emerges from the modules through the outlet pipework for an approved disposal method.

Puraflo Commercial Sizing

This table indicates typical system sizes for sample population equivalents.

Population Equivalent (PE) Maximum Daily Flow (m3/d) Applied Organic Load (kg/day BOD) Number of Modules
20 3.6 1.2 8
50 9 3 18
80 14.4 4.8 28
100 18 6 36
150 27 9 54

Puraflo Commercial Module Specifications

Length 2150mm
Depth 760mm
Width 1400mm
Unit Weight (approximate) <700kg

Further information and pricing

Please contact the Tricel sales team who would be delighted to discuss your Commercial Puraflo requirements and the best Puraflo offers available to you.

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