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Septic tank installation

Tricel is a global provider of sewage solutions for individuals, the company provides full tank septic tank installation in Scotland and the overall the United Kingdom.

Septic tank installation process

A septic tank installation can be a long & laborious process. Therefore, that’s why Tricel recommends to only work with competent installers and manufacturers.

Indeed, there are several guidelines you need to respect before, during and after the installation of a septic tank in Scotland.

septic tank installation Novo Scotland

Before the installation

You need to have all the information about your soil composition and the distances to respect and all the local requirements. Concerning the septic tank, you should check if it’s damaged and notify it to the installers if you think the tank can’t be installed (once installed the claims for damage won’t be accepted by the manufacturer).

During the installation

All installations need to “fit for purpose” to conform to the site conditions. This is the obligation of the installer to follow the guidelines.  The step below may vary according to the specificities of the site and if it’s dry or wet.

  1. Remove any soft spots or large stones and boulders.
  2. The base of the hole is made of a 200mm layer of gravel.
  3. Make sure that the base is level.
  4. Lift the tank hole and place on the prepared plinth.
  5. The plant must sit dead level on the plinth.
  6. Join and seal the pipework to the tank.
  7. Mount and seal risers (if needed).
  8. Backfill following recommendations of the manufacturer.

After the installation

It is your responsibility as a homeowner to maintain your installation. It will avoid pollution of soils & rivers. Your septic tank should be inspected every 1 to 3 years. The inspection is a necessary procedure to check if the product is still operating properly. Furthermore, you will need to empty the septic tank. The emptying of the tanks and the mud management needs to be handled by an accredited company.

Why Tricel for your septic tank?

First of all, Tricel designed a septic tank to make this process easier. The septic tanks that we manufacture are made for the installers and the homeowners.
The tanks are:

  • Robust
  • Reliable
  • Easy to install

Therefore Tricel Vento & Puraflo will be easy to put in the ground for the professionals & easy to maintain for the individuals.

Second of all, Tricel is a major player in non-collective sanitation, in Europe. The company has recognized expertise in this area. It is also a leader in several European markets, especially on compact sanitation products.

Last, Tricel offers you a global presence and a local service. Indeed, the company has several factories in the United Kingdom including Gloucester & Newry.

Furthermore, we also offer a local support with several technicians around the United Kingdom and especially in Scotland. To conclude, Tricel also has a network of selected installers that will install our products in any location in the United Kingdom.

septic tank installation vento Scotland


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If we didn't answer all your questions and you need more information we will help you

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