Sewage Treatment Plants

Certified CPD Training Course

Tricel has launched a brand-new certified CPD training course for engineers, architects, specifiers, consultants and installers to learn more about sewage treatment plants: current regulations, installation and maintenance, sizing and much more. 

Sewage Treatment Plants

Certified CPD Training Course about Sewage Treatment Plants


The “Design & Use of Package Wastewater Treatment Plants” accredited  training course aims at upskilling professionals about the main principles of sewage treatment. It will cover not only the current regulations but also the importance of design, installation and maintenance, sizing for sewage treatment systems to function properly. 

The course is one-hour long and is conducted by our National Sales Manager in the UK.

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Who should attend?

  • Civil and building engineers
  • Architects
  • Specifiers
  • Consultants
  • Installers
  • Builders

Why book a CPD?

  • It’s free to attend
  • It can be carried out remotely, digitally
  • It keeps your skills and knowledge up to date

The accreditation certifies that Tricel’s CPD is meeting the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks. This course has been independently certified to ensure integrity. The CPD Certification Service provides recognised independent CPD accreditation compatible with global CPD requirements.

Topics covered

During the course, many different topics will be covered by our experts:

  • Regulations and guidance in England, Wales and Scotland

You will learn about the main regulations in place in the UK at the moment regarding sewage treatment. You will also receive some tips and advice from our sales team to install correctly sewage treatment plants in order to be fully compliant with the British Standards and relevant environmental agencies. 

  • Pollution and treatment levels

As previously stated, it is vital that sewage treatment plants are installed and maintained properly to ensure continuous trouble free running of the system.

Different levels of treatment exists: primary, secondary and tertiary.

  • Currently available systems

Our sales team will show you all the systems that exist on the market, including their benefits and usage. 

  • How the system works + design + main principles
  • Sizing and choosing the right package
  • Siting and dealing with the discharge

You will learn how to build a percolation area, if necessary, to discharge the effluent through it. 

  • Installation and maintenance

You will also learn how to perform the basic but regular maintenance checks on sewage treatment plants: air blower check, ventilation check, etc. 

  • Identification of problems and solutions

Our sales team will finally explain to you how to identify a problem depending on the visible signs and what corrective action to take in order to fix it. Our system will give homeowners many years of trouble-free service but troubleshooting tips will sometimes be needed.

  • 2020 septic tank regulations changes in England and Wales

The new changes to the regulation will also be covered during the session, including who is affected and what are the solutions available. 

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Key Features


We supply strong and durable sewage treatment solutions

Technical Expertise

Unrivalled technical expertise by our sales team regarding wastewater treatment solutions


Our products are certified to EN12566-1 and EN12566-3

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