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Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant Process

One common question when people start investigating the topic of wastewater treatment is “how does a domestic sewage treatment plant work?

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Sewage Treatment Plants

How Does A Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant Work?


Domestic sewage treatment plants are designed to treat and clean your wastewater using the innovative fixed bed process that allows the bacteria to grow and to degrade the pollution from the effluents. The fixed bed is powered by oxygen that is supplied via the compressor. It requires less energy to run than a lightbulb, keeping costs at a minimum. The Tricel Novo is a ready-to-install sewage treatment plant.

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​What is the process of a domestic sewage treatment plant?

This type of wastewater treatment application is known for its excellent purification performance along with its positive behaviour with load variations. Load variations can be of particular interest when choosing a system for a holiday home, B&B or house that must take into account seasonal factors.

Thanks to the self-regulating process which is built in, the Tricel Novo system can self-treat load issues. This regulating process consists of a bacterial bed combined with a sludge recirculation system.

By developing a wastewater treatment plant that is self-regulating, end-users no longer have to worry about factors such as extended periods of underload, seasonal overloads or even periods of no load. This innovative system ensures that no matter the frequency of use, the bacteria which breaks down the wastewater will not degrade. Thus, the treated effluent will always be of a sufficiently high quality that it can be discharged to a local stream or river.

Tricel Novo wastewater treatment plants are high-quality products designed to be reliable, simple to maintain and easy to install by professionals. They are a good alternative to traditional septic tanks. Indeed, after doing a site assessment of your field, you may want to opt for this kind of wastewater treatment plants if you don’t have enough space for a septic tank.

In fact, they are considerably more compact with only one treatment unit but equally effective.

However, if trying to understand how does a domestic sewage treatment plant work. Then we must begin to further analyse the individual elements involved in the Tricel Novo system.

What is so particular about the fixed bed process?


The first thing to examine when trying to understand what interior elements make a domestic sewage treatment plant work, such as the Tricel Novo, is the individual treatment stages of the process.

The primary settling chamber


This settling chamber is the first step in the purification process. In the primary settling chamber any heavy elements of sludge and effluent are deposited at the bottom of the tank chamber. As a result, the removal of the majority of pollution from the greywater takes place before entering the second phase of the purification process.

This step is not always taken up in free crop operation. It is altered for SBR (sequence batch reactor) stations that combine the first and second purification stages into one.


Aeration phase


The second phase of the process introduces oxygen into the tank. This allows the all-important bacteria to grow and develop. The bacterium is what consumes the harmful waste, and as an organism, it requires oxygen to thrive.

Oxygen is supplied through a small compressor which is extremely energy efficient and has very low running costs. Therefore, a Tricel Novo is an electric sewage treatment plant which doesn’t have a high energy consumption.


Final settling chamber


Finally, as the process nears completion, any residual sludge settles to the bottom of the tank as its mass is denser than water.

This function allows for final separation of the effluent following the aeration stage and the cleaning work undertaken by the bacteria. Once final separation is complete, the water purification is now compliant with environmental standards. They can be evacuated from the tank and re-introduced to the natural environment.

All sewage treatment systems manufactured by Tricel are tested and certified for structural strength, water tightness, durability and treatment efficiency, adhering to European Standard EN12566- 3.

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Key Features

Cost Effective

Operating & Maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum


Sewage treatment plants are extremely reliable and durable as they are made out of long-lasting materials


All Tricel Novo sewage treatment plants are tested to the highest quality standards and are EU Certified to EN12566-3

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