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Most common septic tank problems

What are the most common issues with septic tanks and how to fix them.

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septic tanks

How to Fix Septic Tank Problems


If water, or even worse, sewage is backing up into your house or you notice puddles of standing water in your garden, your septic tank is failing. It means your soakaway system is blocked up with the waste. Your septic tank requires emptying.


If your toilet doesn’t flush, your tank may be full, or there could be a clog in the pipes. You will need to call a septic tank technician to pump the sludge out or remove any leaves obstructing the pipes.


If you can smell sewage in your house, you likely have an issue with either your pipes or plumbing vent. Call for a plumber, this a serious health hazard.


if your yard suddenly looks greener, it may not be because of the rain but instead the extra fertilizer the grass has been receiving from sludge leaking from your tank. Call for professional help to identify the precise source of the problem.



Tree roots or a change in ground conditions can cause a crack your septic tank, and in some cases even cause it to move position. In such a case, you will need to hire an expert who can deploy root eliminating chemicals.


Incorrect installation can prevent a septic tank from functioning correctly. Likewise, a lack of maintenance can result in multiple septic tank issues. You should contact a local septic tank maintenance provider to service your tank regularly.


If you notice that your plumbing system is not draining as it should then a pipe is probably broken or perforated. You will need to have the damaged pipe replaced by a specialist contractor.

If despite trying every solution possible, you still have to face a septic tank failure and need to replace it, at Tricel, we produce a range of high-quality sewage treatment plants. All require low maintenance and are highly durable and reliable.

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