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When it comes to individual sewage treatment systems, it could be quite difficult to understand the regulations imposed by the local authorities, especially in the UK where four different counties are working on ensuring sewage treatment.

What are the distances of your septic tank from your house in the UK? 

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Septic tank distances to respect from the house in the UK


Among the governmental requirements for each local area, you’ll find the distance to respect from the septic tank to your house. 

Depending on your sewage treatment system and the type of housing you are about to equip, the metric logic behind the installation could vary. In order to guarantee the effluent quality, the bodies responsible for sewage treatment plant regulations in the UK listed the norms to respect for single dwellings and small communities in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

As a potential future owner of a Tricel Novo or a Tricel Vento, those rules apply to you and your housing. It is your responsibility to ensure that they are scrupulously executed for your sewage water. If not, you might expose yourself to sanctions from the Environment Agency.

Local Requirements 

If you are about to invest in a new sewage treatment solution (domestic sewage treatment plant, septic tank, or even packaged filter system), there are a few things you need to know about the installation. The distances of your septic tank or other installation from your house have specific requirements in the UK. The Environment agencies across the UK created a distance calculator.  County per county, here is what the legislation says:

England and Wales:

septic-tank-distances-from-house-uk - England and wales

Your sewage treatment plant has to be 5 metres away from trees, fence and hedge, 10 metres away from a watercourse or stream, and 50 metres away from any lake or foreshore. Last but not least, it has to be 7 metres away from your housing and 4 metres apart from a wall or a building. 

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Distances to respect from Septic tank to house in the UK -  Scotland

In Scotland, things are slightly different. Trees, hedges and site boundaries such as fences have to be 5 metres apart from your sewage system and 4 meters apart from any type of wall or building that aren’t your house. Talking about your housing, it has to respect a 5-metres distance as well.

Do not hesitate to consult your local agency’s website. 


Northern Ireland:

Distances to respect from Septic tank to house in the UK - Northern Ireland

Your septic tank or wastewater treatment plant has to be implanted:

  • 5 metres away from trees, hedges and fences.
  • 4 metres from a wall / building
  • 7 metres away from the house

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Introduction to our Septic Tank, the Tricel Vento 

Our Tricel Vento septic tank ensures sewage water treatment in a cost-effective way. It’s an affordable solution for those willing to invest into a high-quality treatment plant whilst being easy to transport from a point to another and easy to install. The treatment process happens within its two chambers. First, the soon-to-be treated water will be separated from its discharges. It will then flow over the second chamber where its quality will be improved before going into the percolation area.

Tricel’s sewage treatment plant, the Novo

With our Tricel Novo sewage treatment plant, we are providing an efficient and trustworthy product to homeowners looking for a great investment. Because it has no moving parts or pumps in the plant, the Novo is ensuring a consistent operation and warranties minimal running costs when it comes to repairing or servicing. Its material (compression moulded SMC tank) is one of the most technological features available. Our sewage treatment has been made in accordance with the EN12566-3 CE Certification, respecting the environmental regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll find below some of the most commonly asked questions regarding sewage treatment systems.

Do the treated waters need to be discharged into a drainage field?

Once the water is discharged, it must either be drained into a drainage field or run into a stream. When this sewage is discharged directly into the ground, it will fail and block up within just a short time, while also violating the government’s regulations for small sewage discharges.

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What are the advantages of using septic tanks instead of wastewater treatment plants?

A wastewater treatment plant cleans wastewater to a higher standard, typically 20 times better than a septic tank. Find out how a septic tank works and how a sewage treatment plant works.

Do you know what domestic wastewater is?

The term “domestic wastewater” refers to all wastewater generated inside the house, including grey water from sinks, showers, baths, as well as sewage from toilets. The rainwater should be directed to a soakaway since it is not grey water.

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