Sewage treatment plants

Sewage treatment plant ideal for self-build homes installed in Northern Ireland

Case study overview

August 2016

Whitecross, County Armagh, Northern Ireland

Project Type

Tricel solution
Tricel Novo UK6 sewage treatment plant

The challenge

Obtaining authorisation or consent prior to starting the project

As the number of self-build houses continues to rise in Northern Ireland, this case study relates to a typical self-build project where a domestic wastewater treatment plant is required to treat the homes sewage water.

To find a suitable solution, the homeowner contacted Tricel’s distributor in Northern Ireland, Depawater. After receiving advice regarding the type of treatment units available, we also helped to fill in and submit the consent to discharge forms on behalf of the homeowner.

Indeed, before the installation of any new septic tank or sewage treatment plant in Northern Ireland can take place, the following elements are  mandatory:

  • Planning permission
  • Building control approval
  • Consent to discharge form (WO2) from the Northern Ireland Environmental Agency (NIEA)

Although a consent to discharge form is relatively straightforward to fill in, it can be perceived as a daunting task to complete and submit. Depawater was happy to provide this service and help the homeowner in obtaining the necessary consent to discharge approval from the NIEA.


Steps required before installation of a sewage treatment plant for self-build homes

Site visit

The first step in the process was for the homeowner to contact Tricel’s distributor in Northern Ireland, Depawater. Both then agreed on a suitable day and time to carry out a site visit. During the visit, Depawater conducted a percolation test and, as mentioned above, filled in the consent to discharge application.

Upon completion of the site visit, Depawater was able to recommend a suitable sewage treatment system for the site: a Tricel Novo UK6 gravity (no pump required). Certified to EN12566-3 and approved by the NIEA, the Tricel Novo is very easy to install and maintain.  More importantly, it is a very reliable and cost-effective sewage treatment plant.

Consent to discharge approval

The second step was to wait for the consent to discharge application to be processed and approved by the NIEA. After the standard eight week waiting period, the consent to discharge got accepted, and Depawater then carried out the installation of the sewage treatment plant to NIEA agreed to specifications.

Tricel solution

The installation

Only one week after the consent to discharge being granted, the installation process began. It then took only two days to complete the project.

The complete installation included the following:

  • Site excavation
  • Site preparation, including suitably sized soakaway (drainage field)
  • Tank installation
  • Tank connection to the pipework
  • Electrical supply connection
  • Tank commissioning
The final result


Following the installation, the tank got commissioned and was then ready to use. The efficiency of this process meant that the homeowner was able to apply themselves entirely to completing the project as required.
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