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Sewage treatment solution in Lanarkshire

Case study overview

August 2018

Torrance Park Golf Club, North Lanarkshire

Project Type
Commercial – Sports & Leisure

Tricel solution
Tricel Vento 6 septic tank + Tricel Puraflo module

The challenge

A growing Golf Club

Located in the moorland of North Lanarkshire, Torrance Park Golf Course offers a 18 hole par 72 course over 6100 yards. It provides all equipment, courses, facilities, green and challenges for golfers to enjoy.


Sewage treatment solution for a site with limited permeability in Lanarkshire

Torrance Park Golf Club were looking for a sewage treatment solution for their newly built greenkeepers shed, located just off the golf course.

Following a site assessment, the customer was made aware that the site had limited permeability. As a consequence, they realised that the standard installation setup of a septic tank plus a soakaway wasn’t going to be an option. The were looking for a sewage treatment solution suitable to cope with the site low permeability.

Tricel solution

How did Tricel help?

We were contacted by RA Dalton, a national  wastewater specialist who had done some research on our product and asked us to price our tertiary treatment product for Torrance Park Golf Clubs needs. On this project, RA Dalton worked alongside Tricel as the main contractor and installer.

Using our experience, we selected a Tricel Vento 6 (3000L) septic tank and a Tricel Puraflo module to provide the sewage treatment required. The setup was as follows: one Tricel Vento septic tank feeds into a Tricel pump chamber, which evenly distributes waste water through one single Tricel Puraflo module. This setup allows for the effluent to be treated to the required standards whilst coping with the sites low permeability discharging in to a raised soakaway.

The final result


Tricel found a suitable sewage treatment solution for the North Lanarkshire based Torrance Park Golf Club. Moreover, Tricel & RA Dalton’s teams were able to complete the full installation in four days, thus ensuring minimum disruption. The plant was fully commissioned and will be maintained by R A Dalton.

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