Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage Treatment System Installation for New Builds in Aberdeenshire

Case study overview


Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire

Project Type
Residential – Housing estate

Tricel solution
Tricel supplied three Novo UK 6 feeding into concrete pumping stations which then pumped the effluent into two-module Puraflo systems.

The challenge

Poor percolation

The site had poor percolation. Hence the architect’s decision to use a Puraflo system with a deep gravel base and surround the soakaway with it.

Tricel solution

How we helped

Due to the nature and parameters of this project, it was essential to provide a solution which met all the requirements regarding the system. That’s why GF Bisset Ltd chose us as we had the ideal solution for their problem: a combination of several of our sewage treatment systems.

Moreover, we were also able to send an installer over to set the units up for a reasonable surcharge.

Finally, they also knew that we would install all the systems right the first time and in a single day.

The final result

Reliable systems

Prior to our installer’s arrival, the excavation work had already been carried out and the Tricel Novo were already in place. Thus, he was able to fit the remaining units in one day: all the pumping stations and all the Tricel Puraflo.

The job went ahead of time due to our installer visiting the site in advance to explain exactly what needed to be done prior to his arrival. The fact he also turned up early on the day of the installation guaranteed all work was completed in the same day. In addition to the installation, Tricel also commissioned the plants which were now fully operational.

Thanks to these reliable systems, the competitive pricing and the quick, neat and tidy installation, Alan Brett of GF Bisset Ltd was extremely happy : “Happy with the outcome, very grateful for the help provided and appreciate the patience shown as the job had to be put back several times.

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