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Non conductive pins

Keeping Groundwork Teams Safe

Non Conductive Fence Pins and Line Markers

Marker and fence pins are used widely for many purposes, marking out construction sites, road lining, crowd control in concerts and sporting events, restricting access and in the farming industry. Traditionally marker pins and fence pins were manufactured from steel, posing a high risk to the user in the event of striking underground power cables. With the Tricel non-conductive line marker pins and fence pins this risk is eliminated. These products are a must for contractors, councils, civil and engineering contractors, who on a daily basis are exposed to this environment.


  • 100% non-conductive
  • Available in orange
  • Available in a variety of lengths
  • Has no scrap value

Product Brochure

Download the Non-Conductive Pin Brochure for further technical information

Quality & Certifications

Tricel manufacture to the highest industry standards. View our certifications for more information.

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