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Temporary Speed Control Solutions


RoadQuake is a highly visible system that has been designed for temporary speed control applications, where it is desired to slow traffic speeds to 20 mph or below.

The secret behind the success of RoadQuake is its unique ‘waffle-style’ rubber underlay, which maximises adhesion to the road surface as vehicles traverse.

It has been designed for use around highway work zones to assist in reducing speeds and therefore creating a safer work environment for road workers.

Each RoadQuake measures 3.3 metres long with a thickness of 20mm and weighs 13kg.

RoadQuake Features

  • Temporary – No fixing, no drilling, no mess and no fuss
  • Portable – At 3 meters long and weighing only 13.6kg, 1 person can install and remove a set of RoadQuake ramps in minutes
  • Durable – An all-weather traffic safety device that alerts drivers to reduce their speed in highway and road construction zones
  • Audible – At 30 cm wide and 4.5 cm thick, RoadQuake generates a loud audible and vibratory alert
  • Visible – Constructed of yellow moulded plastic modules with black rubber padding on the bottom to prevent skidding
  • Compact – Rolls up to 530mm diameter, approximately the same size as your spare tyre (includes convenient vinyl storage bag)


Download the RoadQuake Brochure for further technical information

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