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The most advanced temporary traffic calming system currently available. Improve the safety of both your workforce and members of the public by providing a visual and audible speed warning stimulus. 

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Road Safety

RoadQuake Temporary Rumble Strips


RoadQuake is a highly visible system that has been designed as a driver alert system.

The secret behind the success of RoadQuake is its unique ability to alert distracted drivers to changes in road layouts by way of sight, sound and vibration.

It has been designed for use around highway work zones to assist in alerting distracted drivers and creating a safer work environment for road workers and other road users.

It can help reduce speeds when deployed correctly by over 20%.

See below the specifications and a video of the RoadQuake in use. You can also read the case study of the RoadQuake portable rumble strips on the A9 carriageway between Peth and Inverness, Scotland.

RoadQuake Temporary Rumble Strips

RoadQuake Temporary Rumble Strips

Temporary Rumble Strips with motorbike

Temporary rumble strips ideal for short term roadworks

  • Rigorously tested by both TFL and Durham Constabulary proving suitability for both wet and dry conditions
  • Approved and tested by Transport Scotland and Police Scotland
  • Constructed using a high visibility yellow pigment safety colouring
  • A crew of two can deploy or remove in minutes
  • Automobile, cycle and motorcycle friendly
  • Recommended for roadways with posted speed limits of 70mph or less
  • Suitable for use with temporary traffic lights



  • 300mm wide & 20mm thick. Each strip generates equal, or higher, levels of sound and vibration as milled/ glued down strips
  • 3.3 meters long & 300mm wide. Each rumble strip covers an entire lane
  • 3-year product life under normal conditions
  • A non-slip textured surface keeps strips firmly in place



  • No nails or glue needed, no clean up required
  • Easy to lift, manoeuvre and carry
  • Perfect where work zones alter daily
  • Stores flat, ideal when space is limited


Ideal for

  • Maintenance Departments
  • General contractors
  • Traffic Engineers & Designers
  • Traffic control
  • Paving operations

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RoadQuake Temporary Rumble Strips

Tricel manufactures temporary speed control solutions such as rumble strips to create a safer work environment for road workers. Fully compliant with UK & European Legislation.

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