Sewage Treatment Plants

Residential sewage treatment plant installation in Stirling, Scotland

Case study overview

August 2020

Bridge of Allan in Stirling, Scotland

Project Type

Tricel solution
Sewage treatment plant, Tricel Novo UK8 Gravity

Tricel® Novo

The challenge

Replacing an outdated septic tank

Based in the area of the Bridge of Allan, Stirling (Scotland) our client got in touch with us back in August 2020 for a new residential sewage treatment installation. We were recommended by a local architect. This particular region of Scotland is known for its architecture and also for recently making it to the top 5 best places to live in the UK according to the Sunday Times. When this project was introduced to us, we found out that the existing wastewater treatment system wasn’t working anymore. Another issue that was flagged by our team of expert included a dysfunctional drainage system running in various directions

For this sewage treatment upgrade, we paired with Xoli a local wastewater treatment and drainage expert. As a family-owned business, they have earned a strong reputation throughout the years and their work ethic is always much appreciated on our end, such as their savoir-faire. In this case, particularly, Xoli solved one of the biggest challenges we came across during the project which was the location of the previous system. The septic tank was located downhill, in a very awkward position. Xoli has been able to carry it out safely and successfully. 


Sewage treatment plant installation in Stirling, Scotland

Tricel solution

Step by step of our sewage treatment plant installation in Stirling

Once we understood what it was about and what were the needs, we teamed up with Xoli. After carrying out a joint site visit, we agreed that the Tricel Novo UK8G was the best system for the job. In 4 days, Xoli covered on our behalf the product installation, and the site drainage redirection. They also made sure that the treated effluent had a chance to go to the ground before it entered the watercourse by using a partial soakaway on route to the burn (a burn-in Scotland is a little river – watercourse).

The final result

Septic Tank upgraded without difficulties

‘The job looks great and has fixed underlying issues. More than happy with the service received from both Tricel and Xoli.’

We would like to thank Xoli for providing another great install of our product.

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