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Sewage Treatment Plant Installation in Cheshire

Case study overview

February 2021


Project Type
Upgrade to damaged Septic Tank

Tricel solution
Tricel Novo UK6 – Pumped

Tricel® Novo

The challenge

Failure to existing septic tank and surface water from roof entering the system

Early in 2021, ADP Environmental Services Ltd was asked to carry out a septic tank inspection in Cheshire. 

The inspection revealed two issues:

  1. Septic tank failure due to a damaged tank
  2. Surface water from the roof entering the system 

Indeed, septic tanks and sewage treatment plants must not have any rainwater either from downpipes or surface drains or roof entering the system. 


ADP carried out the inspection and assessed the options available. Having discovered both issues right from the inspection allowed ADP to provide a thorough plan and quoted work. The customer was also delighted to hear that the work required was going to be covered by their insurance. 

Sewage Treatment Plant installation in Cheshire - space available

Tricel solution

Sewage Treatment Plant Installation in Cheshire as well as separate soakaway for roof water

On this project, space was limited and a bespoke above the ground soakaway was required. The Tricel Novo UK6 population sewage treatment system with integrated pumped outlet was chosen and installed. This tank was selected because of its reliability, ease of installation (lightweight and shallow dig tank) and ease of maintenance.

The sizing (6 PE which means 6 Population Equivalent) was determined by the number of bedrooms in the house. For more information about how to size a septic tank or wastewater treatment plant, have a look at our dedicated page. The Novo range is available up to 50 PE.

ADP always goes the extra mile to satisfy their customers. On this occasion, the weather (snow and ice) was trying to get in the way. To make sure the work could go ahead, the team had to start by gritting to get access to the site. Once the machinery could access the site, the work began and was completed as quickly as possible.

Sewage Treatment Plant installation in Cheshire - going to site
Sewage Treatment Plant installation in Cheshire - Novo
Sewage Treatment Plant installation in Cheshire - soakaway

The final result

Sewage Treatment Plant installation with above the ground soakaway

The Tricel Novo sewage treatment plant and its drainage field were installed as well as a separate soakaway for the roof water which had previously been entering the existing system. It was a successful tank installation, the customer was delighted with ADP’s expertise as well as the product supplied by Tricel. 

Tricel has years of experience in manufacturing wastewater treatment solutions. Our range includes sewage treatment plants, septic tanks, as well as tertiary treatment solutions. We cover all the UK and our main factory is located in Somerset. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re in need of a new sewage treatment system. 

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