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Tricel Novo is part of the Tricel sewage treatment plant range certified to CE12566-3. It has been developed to meet the need for efficient and compact sewage treatment plants uk solutions. Indeed, installing a drainage field is only sometimes possible due to site constraints such as space (a lack of) and soil (clay soil, for example, might not have a sufficient soakaway potential).

Moreover, with the 2020 changes to the septic tank regulations in England and Wales, upgrades of existing septic tanks discharging directly to a watercourse are mandatory. Compact wastewater treatment plants such as the Tricel Novo represent cost-effective solutions to such promotions.

Let’s see how a wastewater treatment plant works and what processes are used.


  • Compact: about five m² of floor space (for five or six population equivalents);
  • Lightweight: (270 kg): easy and inexpensive installation (sewage treatment plant with concrete tank weights more than two tons);
  • Efficient: effective treatment, no risk of clogging;
  • Adaptable: suitable for all types of terrain (difficult ground, the presence of groundwater);
  • Reliable: long life (20 to 40 years, whereas the spreading of a traditional die must be replaced every 10 to 20 years);
  • Tested and certified: for structural strength, water tightness, durability and treatment efficiency, adhering to European Standard EN12566- 3 (like all sewage treatment solutions manufactured by Tricel)
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How do sewage treatment plants work?

The Tricel Novo has three separate compartments in its tank:


Stage 1: The primary settlement chamber.

In the first sewage treatment stage, anaerobic breakdown occurs in the primary settlement chamber. The wastewater arrives, and the solids drop to the bottom, becoming separated from the liquid.


Stage 2: The aeration chamber

The next stage of wastewater treatment involves aerobic breakdown. This process occurs in the aeration chamber, where masses of naturally occurring bacteria inhabit specially designed filter media. These bacteria are sustained with air, continuously supplied from a purpose-built pump in the unit’s top section. As the liquid flows slowly through the filter media, the bacteria feed on the waste and remove it from the liquid.


Stage 3: Final settlement chamber

In the last stage of wastewater treatment, the liquid flows from the aeration chamber into the final settlement chamber. Suspended sludge consisting of bacteria is carried with the liquid into the settlement chamber. It settles to the bottom of the chamber. From there, a continuous sludge return system pumps it back to the primary settlement chamber. The remaining treated liquid meets the required standard to pass out of the Tricel system safely.

Once the process is complete, the treated liquid meets the required standard and can be discharged from the tank via the outlet.

How does a Tricel Novo sewage treatment plant work?

The technology used.

Fixed culture

First, Tricel designed the Tricel Novo with a fixed culture treatment process. What is fixed culture, you may ask? It is the process used to create a base of development for the bacteria present in the tank. The bacteria multiply until they reach an optimum level for treating sewage water. To achieve this, Tricel uses a bacterial honeycomb carrier. The optimum is reached depending on the volume of wastewater treated by the treatment unit.

For example, for a Novo UK6, the number of bacteria in the tank will not be the same as if there are two or four occupants in a house.


What happens if the number of inhabitants changes?

The number of bacteria will then adapt to best treat your wastewater (within the tank’s limits). This adaptation is particularly true when you receive friends or family during the holidays.

The opposite is true when the sewage treatment plant is no longer “fed” with wastewater; the number of bacteria decreases. For example, the bacteria will be reduced when you go on holiday for several weeks. On your return, pouring a packet of biological activator or an old yoghurt into the toilet is advisable. This action will help the number of bacteria to increase rapidly.

How much does a sewage treatment plant cost?

What is the price of a Tricel Novo? With or without installation?

Product price only

The cost of our products may vary according to several criteria:

  • The size of the tank needed
  • The region/area you live in
  • Options chosen (pump or gravity, for example)

As a guideline, please see below the prices of a Tricel Novo.

Tricel Novo

UK6 (1-6 PE)
£ £1850 - £2000

Tricel Novo

UK8 (2-8 PE)
£ £2315 - £2400

Tricel Novo

(3-10 PE)
£ £2480 - £2520

All the prices above are indicative only. They may vary depending on your area, site conditions and options required. Contact us to request a bespoke quote.

Price with installation

  • The price with installation of a sewage treatment plants uk is always tricky to determine without a prior site visit. Indeed, each project is unique and several criteria come into play. Do you need to have your old tank removed?
  • Do you have your digger?
  • Would you like a price with delivery? With installation? With landscaping?

The best way to get a price for your project is to request a quote. When you order a quotation or price on our site, we adapt to your needs and project.

Tricel Vento Installation Depawater - sewage treatment plants uk

7 Key Reasons to Choose a Tricel Novo UK 6

There are many key reasons to choose a Tricel Novo wastewater treatment plant. Please find below some of them.

Highly durable SMC tank

A Tricel Novo is constructed from a compression moulded SMC tank. Compression moulding is one of the most technologically developed processes for manufacturing structural composites. Components are manufactured under heat and high pressure and have unrivalled strength and durability over standard GRP or polyethene tanks.
SMC is unique in the wastewater treatment industry. Tricel SMC tanks have operated in some of the harshest climatic conditions for over 50 years with no defects.

Environmental agency compliance

Tricel Novo complies with the Environment Agency General Binding Rules in England, Natural Resources Wales exemption criteria and SEPA requirements in Scotland. Tricel advises consulting with your local agency on the effluent treatment required.

Fully tested and certified

All Tricel wastewater treatment plants have been tested for European certification EN 12566-3. This certification pushes all plants for strength, water tightness, durability and treatment efficiency.
By using a wastewater treatment plant which is CE certified. You can rest assured that it has complied with tests and inspections, guaranteeing an elevated level of security and efficiency.

Minimum maintenance and repair costs

No moving parts or pumps in the plant, ensuring reliable operation. Minimal maintenance and repair costs.

 Lower installation costs

No concrete backfills are required for installation on most sites saving up to £300 over lower quality GRP or polyethene alternatives from competitors.

Fitted alarm

There is a factory alarm fitted onto all Tricel Novo systems. This system will warn you if something needs to be done on the Tricel Novo.

Ceramic diffuser

Tricel’s ceramic diffuser is unique in the domestic wastewater treatment plant market. It will last twice as long as the standard competitors’ rubber equivalents. This saves money on both call-out fees and replacement parts.

What size sewage treatment plant do I need?

The most common model on the UK market is the Tricel Novo UK6, designated by Tricel to meet the needs of homes from 1 to 6 people. To know what size wastewater treatment plant you need, you must find out how many people your dwelling can accommodate.

Following the British water flows and loads 4, the following applies:

Design Population
Number of people

Interact with our sewage treatment plants

How to interact with the tank

  • Click on the numbers to see the annotations.
  • You can also switch between the treatment process stages (yellow circle at the bottom left-hand corner) and the anatomy of the Novo (green circle at the bottom left-hand corner).
  • To view in Virtual Reality (VR), click the square at the top right-hand corner and simply scan the QR code with your phone.
  • In order to check the dimensions, click on the spanner icon.
  • To download an image of the Novo, click on the camera icon (top right-hand corner)



Because Tricel manufactures and chooses the best materials for the design of its products. Most Tricel products have warranties of up to 10 years guarantee. All our products within this product range is CE certified to EU safety, health and environmental requirements. 

Please find below the list of our products and the warranty that is applied. Note that this warranty is only valid if the sewage system is properly installed by a qualified installer. Please also know that all warranties are subject to correct use of the product, including maintenance as per manufacturer guidelines.

Tricel product range

Tricel septic tanks uk

Tricel Vento Septic Tank

Shallow dig tank, strong & robust underground tank, No electrical or moving parts. Ideal for sites with good drainage & plenty of space.

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Tricel Novo Sewage Treatment Plant

Durable & long lasting SMC tank, shallow dig tank, easy installation (Plug and Play), long life components.

Learn more

Tricel Maxus Sewage treatment Plant

Commercial plant. Submerged Aerated Filter (SAF) technology. Ideal for every project over 50 Population Equivalent.

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Tricel Packaged Filter System Puraflo

Tricel Puraflo Packaged filter

Ideal for sensitive sites, compliant to British Standard, small footprint.

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Tricel Packaged Pumping Solutions

Tricel Pumping Stations

Pump fluids from one place to another where gravity drainage cannot be used, easy and trouble-free installation

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A highly successful multinational corporation with over 50 years’ valuable industry experience


Plants available for all capacities, from 1PE up to 50PE. Free advice on request.


On-time delivery is a core requirement of our successful business operations

Tricel Novo 8PE final result in Ashcroft, essex

Recent projects with Tricel Sewage Treatment Plants

Tricel manufacture deliver & install sewage treatment plants across a wide range of industry sectors throughout Ireland & the UK. The company also provide import/export services for our international clients. Top quality material offers outstanding capabilities including long life, durability and is a cost-effective solution for sewage treatment even in the harshest environments. 

Tricel has installed many of its Tricel Novo Sewage Treatment Plants across the UK.

Check some of our projects by clicking on the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

A cesspool is a simple storage vessel with an inlet and no outlet. It’s a sealed storage vessel; all the water coming in stays within the tank. The advantage is it doesn’t need an outlet. The disadvantages are: there is no treatment, the tanks are huge, and it needs regular emptying. Everything which has gone in must be sucked out. Ideal for sites which have got very infrequent use (Sheppard huts, for example).

Septic tank

A septic tank has an inlet and an outlet; it’s a simple overflow system. See how a septic tank works here. The advantages of the septic tank are there is no mechanic and no electricity requirement for it to work. The disadvantages are you are discharging dirty water, and untreated sewage effluent, as a tiny breakdown has occurred in the tank. You can only release water to a drainage field for the water to go through the subsoil to treat the water.

Sewage treatment

A sewage or package treatment plant has an inlet and an outlet; the wastewater is treated inside the tank. Aeration is provided inside the tank for the aerobic bacteria to feed on the waste and remove it from the liquid. The advantages are the wastewater is treated and can be discharged to a watercourse. 

Many package treatment plants are available on the market:

  • Trickles filters
  • Rotating Biological Contactors (RBC)
  • Mobile media bio-reactors
  • Activated Sludge systems
  • Sequence Batch Reactor systems (SBR)
  • Fixed Bed Systems (like the Tricel Novo)

UK sewage treatment plants must comply with EN 12566-3 2005 regulations. 

You should also hire a professional to install your sewage treatment system. For any sewage treatment plants you intend to install, you should also check your local guidelines to determine if planning permission is required.

A sewage treatment plant is where domestic wastewater and sewage are treated. The sewage treatment plants break down organic matter through the primary settlement and aeration chambers. Sewage treatment plants require little maintenance and have low running costs, and sewage effluent is discharged into drainage fields or watercourses.

For example, the required standards are 20:30:20 for BOD, SS, and NH4.

Tricel® has achieved an 11:16:9 result during independent testing.

In order for the biomass to reach its optimum purification, it may take up to 16 weeks.

You may be able to discharge directly into a watercourse or to a percolation area depending on your region. Find out which option is best for you by contacting your local council.

The sewage treatment plant’s size depends on the effluent volume from your house. It is determined by the number of people using the system, which is calculated based on the number of bedrooms in your home. If you need further information, contact our team.

Occasionally, your sewage treatment plant will need to be emptied due to the accumulated sludge inside – usually once a year. The frequency of emptying your treatment plant depends on its size and usage. See our dedicated page about desludging septic tanks and wastewater treatment plants.

1) to prevent surface water from entering the tank and overloading the system as this can inhibit growth of the bacteria and could reduce the effluent quality.

2) to prevent water getting into blower housing which can harm the control panel and the air blower.

Learn more about Tricel Novo risers.

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