Sewage Treatment Solutions

Warranties & Certifications

See below the warranties offered for Tricel products as well as the certifications, ensuring product quality and sewage treatment efficiency for both the end users peace of mind and the environment. 

Sewage Treatment Solutions

Sewage treatment warranty* – UK only

*Please note the warranties listed below exclude Northern Ireland.


Tricel is currently offering three types of off main drainage solutions. Tricel Novo packaged sewage treatment plant, Tricel Vento septic tank and Tricel Puraflo packaged filter system.   All of the sewage treatment solutions we offer have gone through rigorous testing from the Prüfinstitut für Abwassertechnik GmbH (PIA) and are CE Certified. In order to ensure our customers satisfaction, quality control and quality management are one of our priorities.

Along with providing strong, reliable and affordable products, it is important to make sure the sewage treatment solutions have been chosen and sized correctly, installed correctly following the manufacturer’s guidance as well as maintained & serviced regularly. 

Please note that both packaged treatment plants and septic tanks require desludging or emptying at some point. The emptying interval will vary depending on the treatment system in place and its usage.

Sewage Treatment Warranty

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Tricel Sewage treatment warranty

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Fast delivery and rapid response to all our customers

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UK wide network of recommended installers for your peace of mind

Technical expertise

Unrivalled technical expertise by our sales team regarding wastewater treatment solutions

Sewage treatment warranty and certification

High quality matters to us and for this reason, we’re seeking professional certifications. All our products are CE certified to EU safety, health and environmental requirements.


Membership of European governing bodies on wastewater treatment


  • EU Certifications

Tricel wastewater treatment plants meet with EN12566-3 requirements which test both the quality of the components as well as the overall performance of the plant. This certification tests all plants for strength, water tightness, durability and treatment efficiency.

All Tricel septic tanks are tested to the highest quality standards and are EU Certified to EN12566-1.

By using a wastewater treatment plant or septic tank which is CE certified clients can rest assured that it has complied with tests and inspections which guarantee a high level of security and efficiency.


  • PIA Performance results

PIA (Prüfinstitut für Abwassertechnik GmbH) are the leading Test Institute in Europe for wastewater technology.The treatment results can be seen on our product brochures. 

You can download the brochure from our Download page.


  • British Water

British Water is the leading association representing suppliers, manufacturers, contractors, consultants and others in the UK water industry supply chain.

To know more about the regulations, guidance and advisory bodies such as the Environment Agency in England and NIEA in Scotland, you can view our dedicated page.   

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