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Tricel Optima

Commercial sewage water treatment

A hostel was going through major refurbishment works (brand new hostel) and in need of a new sewage treatment solution to cater for the staff and guests.

June 2018

Fortis + puraflo

Septic tank installation

Tricel provides a Fortis septic tank and Puraflo modules as a solution for Claran National School new septic tank installation.

Summer 2017

Novo + sandcel

Sand polishing filter installation

Decommissioning of non-performing effluent treatment system and installation of Tricel Novo Wastewater treatment plant and Sandcel sand polishing filter.

September 2014

Tricel Novo

Sewage treatment Installation

The aim was to find the perfect sewage treatment solution for a barn conversion and thus, upgrade their existing septic tank installation in line with their future projects.

August 2018

Tricel Novo

Sewage treatment plant

Only one week after the consent to discharge being granted, the installation process began. It then took only two days to complete the project.

August 2016

Tricel Vento + Puraflo

Sewage treatment solution in Lanarkshire

Torrance Park Golf Club were looking for a sewage treatment solution for their newly built greenkeepers shed, located just off the golf course.

August 2018

Tricel Novo + Puraflo

Sewage treatment system

Tricel supplied three Novo UK 6 feeding into concrete pumping stations which then pumped the effluent into two-module Puraflo systems.

August 2018

Tricel Novo UK18

Sewage treatment system for home renovation

Tricel works with SK Drainage in Cumbria to supply a sewage treatment plant for a newly bought house.

June 2019

Tricel Novo ukg30 + Tricel Puraflo

Commercial sewage treatment plant and packaged filter system 

Tricel worked with Carriden Homes in Crail (Scotland) to supply a sewage treatment plant and packaged filter system for bungalows.

December 2019

Tricel Novo being installed

Tricel Novo

Septic Tank Upgrade in Cheshire

Tricel supplied a Novo UK 8 to replace an outdated septic tank.

August 2020

Tricel Novo being installed


Commercial Sewage treatment plant installation in Kent

Tricel supplied a Tricel Optima 60 population system with a gravity outlet.

September 2020

Sewage Treatment Plant installation in Cheshire - Novo

Tricel Novo

Sewage Treatment Plant Installation in Cheshire

Failure to an existing septic tank and surface water from roof entering the system. The solution: a Novo Sewage Treatment Plant as well as separate soakaway for roof water.

February 2021

Tricel Novo UK8 installed

Tricel Novo

Sewage treatment plant installation in North of Stirling

Tricel supplied a Novo UK 8 Gravity to replace an outdated septic tank.

August 2020

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